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Transforming his aspirations into real life: Knightndae's first spin at Route 65 Singapore. Photo: Knightndae

Spotify Spotlight: KNIGHTNDAE

Get ready to dominate the dance floor (or your bedroom floor, at least) with our featured artiste this week: KNIGHTNDAE (pronounced “night and day” a.k.a Quek Jian Der), a provider of feel-good tracks.

No stranger to being the focus of attention, he has deejayed at popular clubs such as Zouk, Canvas, Wan, and Get Juiced.

What to expect: good vibes and an irresistible urge to start tapping your feet to the rhythm of his music.

Photo: Knightndae

Playing around with his brother’s iPod on a trip back in 2010, Knightndae chanced upon Skrillex. Initially drawn by the spaceship-like album cover, he started delving into the music itself, beginning his love affair with EDM.

Currently pursuing a degree in Architecture at the National University of Singapore, the 23-year-old turned his passion for EDM into a desire to create his own tracks, with help from a DJ friend and countless YouTube videos.

"No Past No Future” - a track released this year in conjunction with Knightndae’s maiden label release with local label, Umami Records - is also his first on Spotify, and has garnered over 1,000 listens on the streaming service.

Additionally, he did a house-flip rendition of “Just Us” as part of the Majulalah Challenge held on Instagram earlier in the summer.

Up next: his house flip of a Wii Theme Song on Soundcloud. That should be fun!

Meanwhile, follow our playlist below to check out our #SpotifySpotlight recommendations.

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