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PHOTO: Dru Chen

Spotify Spotlight: Replay by Dru Chen

Singapore's resident smooth operator Dru Chen is back with a brand new single. 'Replay' is a nostalgic look at love discovered and renewed through the VHS tinted lens of a 90’s kid.

"Music is no longer confined to genres or even decades," Dru explains, "This is a love song for the ages, and it brings me back to my childhood just as it keeps me looking current and peering into the future."

Sounds like: The soulful stylings of a modern D'Angelo paired with the electropop flourishes of contemporary R&B crooner Daniel Caesar. As Dru puts it, 'Replay' is a true pocket soul jam.

After last year's swoon-worthy single 'Future Me + U', this latest release is definitely a return to form.

If you'd like to catch Dru Chen's caramel smooth vocals live, he will performing on 19 March this Friday evening as part of the Esplanade's Soul Jam concert series. Don't forget to bring a date. on Spotify

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