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Photo: Facebook/@loh.catherine.3 via We Love Daiso

The 9 Times That Everyday Artists Made Essential Items

If you’ve been wondering, “artists got do essential things meh?", check out these works made by everyday artists during the past few months.

Posted on the We Love Daiso Facebook group page, they don’t just show how creative Singaporeans are (especially under lockdown). 

These amazing creations - all made from stuff people found at home - prove that art can go a long way in strengthening the human condition, whether it’s bringing a smile to someone’s face or improving the way we live.

Photo: Facebook/@chu.w.koh via We Love Daiso

1. Toy kitchen stove

When the stores are closed and you have to cook up a new plaything for your kid... literally.

Photo: Facebook/@joy.cruz.5876 via We Love Daiso

2. Animal face masks

You can’t leave home without wearing a mask, but you can leave home looking cute.

Photo: Facebook/@TianaYap via We Love Daiso

3. Handheld mini projector

The show goes on at home, even as cinemas remain closed.

Photo: Facebook/@yachiyd via We Love Daiso

4. Toilet roll holder

Totally essential to hold all those toilet rolls you’ve been hoarding.

Photo: Facebook/@LimCynthia via We Love Daiso

5. Sushi shop

What happens when you can’t eat out at your favourite Japanese restaurant? Some people cook. Some order in. And some build their own sushi bar...

Photo: Facebook/@loh.catherine.3 via We Love Daiso

6. Care emoji plushies

Because everyone needs a caring pal right now.

Photo: Facebook/@yachiyd via We Love Daiso

7. Cake tissue box

When bake shops are closed and flour is sold out, even fake cake can satisfy a craving.

Photo: Facebook/@tobby.leong via We Love Daiso

8. Phone armband

A homemade phone pouch for when running is the only excuse for you to leave your house.

Photo: Facebook/@matthew.koh.71 via We Love Daiso

9. Doggy sidecar

The best way to keep your pet socially distanced from others.

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