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These Singapore Artists Are A Big Draw On Instagram

#SupportLocal isn't just limited to physical shops; this includes artists as well. Feast your eyes on the amazing works by these talented local artists.

Cheryl Teo


What's the draw: Cheryl Teo makes detailed paper sculptures of various objects, from small items like hand sanitiser and avocados to mini vehicles and HDB flats.

Lee Kow Fong aka Ah Guo


What's the draw: Lee Kow Fong, also known as Ah Guo, draws familiar places in Singapore, from hawker centres to HDB estates and well-known tourist spots. His pieces tend to feature children and their innocence amidst these scenes.

Liquan Liew and Estella Ng


What's the draw: Artist duo Liquan Liew and Estella Ng paint vibrant works featuring nature and wildlife. Their works usually incorporate bright colours and lively designs with Southeast Asian motifs woven in.

Marie Toh


What's the draw: Marie Toh creates digital illustrations which usually show glimpses of quiet moments and peaceful scenes, exuding a calm feeling of zen.

Kaiyee Tay


What's the draw: Kaiyee Tay creates doodles inspired by cartoons, comics, video games and elements of everyday life.

Anngee Neo


What's the draw: Anngee Neo draws quirky cartoons with a seemingly simple style that allows for thought-provoking commentary on social issues like COVID-19.

Michael Ng


What's the draw: Michael Ng's doodles feature a surrealistic, sci-fi inspired aesthetic, giving them an otherworldly touch. Recently, he also collaborated with Uniqlo on a collection of T-shirt designs which reflect Singapore's new normal in the wake of COVID-19. You can find out more about these T-shirts here

Lee Xin Li aka Pok Pok Away


What's the draw: Lee Xin Li, also known as Pok Pok Away, draws gorgeous illustrations featuring picturesque landscapes in Singapore, nostalgic scenes of camaraderie and the kampung spirit, and of course, plenty of beloved local foods. Many of his works are available for purchase from local shop Naiise.

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