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What To Watch, Listen To, And Try This Weekend (June 5-7)

It’s our first weekend post-Circuit Breaker, but psych! We still can’t see our friends, still can’t paktor, and still can’t dine out or watch movies in the cinema. Thankfully, there’s still an abundance of online activities we can partake in together. So settle indoors, call a buddy, and try one of these:

JOIN: The National Gallery’s Small Big Dreamers

The National Gallery’s biennial children’s festival goes online amidst the coronavirus safety measures, providing close to 30 fun games, activities, and downloadables for kids. These including making your own bonang musical instrument out of paper, splashing paint on a digital canvas, and watching videos about the five Southeast Asian artists who inspired this year’s festival.

Available until Sunday, 28 March 2021

Find out more here

WATCH: Black and white Singapore films

Did you know that Singapore had a prolific film industry between the 1950s and 1960s? You can check out some classic black and white movies on this YouTube channel, which houses a 1950s-era Pontianak film, among other pre-independence gems.

See more on Films of Singapore Daily

TRY: An online Zoom art class

The Circuit Breaker might be over, but it’s not too late to pick up a new artistic endeavour. If you’d like to learn how to draw or paint, you can start by signing up for a Zoom art class with the Visual Arts Centre, which offers everything from Chinese ink painting to landscape sketching and drawing. Classes are kept small (5 to 15 participants), and materials are mailed to you for a fee.

See the calendar and the list of prices here

LEARN: The ins and outs of whisky

Bars might be closed for the time being, so why not make drinking at home an even more er, enriching experience by learning about the different types of whisky? This 4-week course by The Swan Song & The Single Cask will teach you about casks, the difference between blended and single malts, about varieties of whiskies around the world, and so much more, all from the comfort of your own home. Of course, you’ll receive whiskies to try every week while partaking in the class. Bottoms up!

$60 per week, or $200 for the entire course
Every Thursday in June

Learn more here

WATCH: 13th and When They See Us

You’ve seen the black square on Instagram. Maybe you’ve even posted it, alongside a caption about combating racism and the injustices wreaked by systemic privilege and corrupt structures of authority. But the Black Lives Matter moving is so much more than a hashtag, and it's more than just a vague call to "unity". Whether or not you’ve posted or are thinking of posting, it’s important to educate yourself on what the activists are fighting against. You can start by watching two miniseries, both created by filmmaker Ava Duvernay, that depict just a few of the wrongful events and systemic injustices that led to violence inflicted on black communities. When They See Us tells the story of the five black men who were wrongfully convicted for the rape and assault of a white female jogger, while 13th examines racial inequality through the criminalisation of African-Americans.

When They See Us and 13th are both available on Netflix

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