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What To Watch, Eat, And Play This Weekend (May 15-17)

Not sure what to do (indoors) this weekend? We've got you covered. Here's what you should watch, stream, listen to and try from the safety of your home. 


Celebrate the International Day Of Cocktails by partaking in the Singapore Cocktail Festival's home edition, where over 20 of the country's best bars will present signature cocktails inspired by the words "postivity" and "unity". You can look forward to sipping on an Oolong Negroni from Caffe Fernet, a pandan-flavoured drink called "Grass" from Laut, Nutmeg & Clove's bandug-inspired Roses & Lychees cocktail, and more!

See all drinks and order for delivery or takeaway here

STREAM: Lao Jiu: The Musical

This musical adaptation of Singaporean playwright Kuo Pao Kun’s stage play follows a young man struggle to reconcile his passion for puppetry with his family’s traditions. Yeah, we know, another Chinese theatre show, but this one’s in Mandarin, meaning that you can enjoy it with any Chinese-speaking family members – or watch it to improve your own language skills.

Available 15-24 May on YouTube

STREAM: Unteachable

Feeling uninspired? Check out Unteachable, an award-winning documentary that follows a Singaporean teacher, Meixi, as she experiments with alternative teaching methods to help her students in the Normal Stream excel in a system that has all but given up on them. Could these methods - which emphasise the joy of learning over getting good grades - be the key to helping these kids soar academically? 

Available to rent 14 May - 17 May for $14.20. Find out more on The Projector's website

WATCH: Never Have I Ever

Need something lightearted after a long week? We've been pretty obsessed with Netflix's latest teen comedy, which follows Indian-American high schooler Devi as she attempts to "rebrand" herself for the new school year. Produced by Mindy Kaling, this show will make you laugh at Devi's misguided attempts to bag a boyfriend, while making you cry about the real trauma her family has endured. 

Available on Netflix

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