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Where To Sit In The Office For The Best Feng Shui

Everyone seems to be freelancing, working remotely from home or running some sort of online business these days. Which means there’s a lot of hot-desking in the office or you may drop by a co-working space every two days. Be sure to choose the right huat seat and we don’t mean the one nearest the free-flow coffee station.

1. Sit against a solid wall

It gives your career or business the “backing”, literally. Or just sit on a high-back chair.

2. Don’t face a wall

Seen as a physical obstacle, it will block your progress. Since people will be literally talking behind your back.

3. Never have a window behind you

Walls are good for “backing” purposes, windows are not. It is believed that windows let in light which “back-stabs” your progress. For the same reason, you should not have a mirror behind you.

4. Bring a potted plant with you

Living things improve vitality and good health, and health is wealth, right? If you hot-desk or have a membership at a co-working office, bring a miniature potted plant with you.

5. Do not sit beneath a beam or anything sharp

Fengshui experts believe that they will oppress you and give you a lot of pressure. So, always look up before you sit down.

6. Don’t sit directly under a light source

Doing this apparently makes you dizzy easily, which then leads to you not being as productive as you’d like to be. Yes, better to strain your eyes than to get unlucky!

7. Sit away from anything producing a lot of electrical energy

That would be the fax machine, the photocopier, the computer maintenance room – as they give out radiation which is bad for you. And you thought blue light exposure from your smart devices was bad enough.

8. Don’t face the main door

Unless you are the receptionist. The main door of any building is considered the air and energy portal. Facing it may zap you of energy and good vibes and make you fall sick easily – though we’d like to think that, scientifically, this applies more to a wintry climate where facing a constantly-opening door will make you catch a cold real fast.

9. Don’t face the washroom

It’s an unhygienic place and you’ll breathe in lots of negative energy. Or the smells of whoever is having a very productive day on the throne.

10. And lastly, don’t face anyone

Unless you are a doctor doing a consultation, a bank financial advisor or a counsellor, of course. The rest of us should not choose a seat that faces another co-worker as this would trigger confrontation on the job. Yes, it’s a lonely new working world out here. 

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