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These subscription boxes are both fun and educational - perfect for entertaining your little ones. PHOTO: TINKERER STEAM BOX

5 Kid-Friendly Subscription Boxes That Deliver To Singapore

Everyone loves a surprise in the mailbox with their name on it, so why not your little ones? Sign them up for a monthly subscription box for books, magazines, science experiments, arts and crafts or anything else that they are interested in. And even though they’ll know what to expect in the next month’s box, they won’t know exactly what’s inside, so it will be a surprise each time!

Check out some of these fun subscription boxes to get you started:


1. National Geographic Kids Magazines

This monthly subscription magazine is perfect for curious kids aged 6 to 9, filled with beautiful photos and stories of nature, animals, trivia and games to get them interested in our planet. There’s a ton of puzzles and fun facts in each issue too to keep their curiosity piqued. Don’t worry if you have a tiny toddler on your hands - National Geographic Little Kids is perfect for kids aged 3 to 6.

Only $20/yr for 10 issues.


2. Bayard Presse Box Collection Magazines

Bayard Presse, one of the largest publishers of educational children’s magazines, is on a mission to balance school work with fun-to-read stories that teach life lessons, nurture good character, and make it easier to understand and process human emotions, so that your child grows up with a wholesome, age-appropriate educational foundation.

Choose from their different magazine collection options depending on the age of your child:

  • StoryBox (3-8 years) - Contains beautifully illustrated book-length stories to read aloud together, making it a lovely way to get preschoolers to start loving reading.

  • AdventureBox (6-10 years) - Perfect for proud little ones who have just started reading independently.

  • DiscoveryBox (7-14 years) - Let your getting-older one go on a journey of discovery through nature, science and history with this box of magazines that explore a new topic in each issue. History of the world, landmarks, robots, nature and science are just some of the topics covered that will help your child develop critical thinking, and help them grow.

  • AdventureBox MAX! (9-14 years) - Fun reading for older kids about world facts, science, human body and many other topics to keep their curiosity satiated.

From $96/yr for 10 issues.

3. The Tinkerer STEAM Box

Developed by parents who wanted to nurture a desire in their own children to learn and grow independently, The Tinkerer STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) Box is specially aimed at children aged 3 to 12+. With everything from constructing to crafting, creative, hands-on projects to inspire curiosity, and conquering the challenges in their STEAM projects, this box focuses on helping children develop self-confidence and self-esteem, the two qualities that will prepare them to think big in life and overcome their own challenges later in life.

Each Tinkerer STEAM box is designed by educators and child psychologists, and contains open-ended activities, graphical instructions and an educational magazine. Choose from the 5 different box options available according to your child’s age.

Each box is the same price, and plans vary with the duration of the subscription (starting at $110.67 for a 3-month plan).


4. My Messy Box

Designed to be fun, simple and educational, these age-appropriate sensory play boxes are aimed for children aged 1 to 6+ years for cognitive development through messy and fun sensory play activities. Each customised theme box is put together by educators and early childhood certified teachers to be ideal for your little one’s coordination, knowledge and problem-solving skills through observation, experiments and exploration.

Prices vary according to the customisation of each box.

5. Josh and Cherie Books

Created by a husband and wife team, Josh and Cherie Books are about getting back to the basics and getting your child to fall in love with books and reading, including Mandarin books.

Choose from the different age-appropriate range for your child:

  • Board Book Club (up to 18 months) - Board book box with three sturdy board books, making it a good option for small fingers still learning how to handle books. Books have little or no text, big and high-contrast images, and rhyming texts.

  • Board Book Club (19-30 months) - Board book box with three sturdy board books. Books have easy sentences and repetitive text, perfect for language and cognitive development.

  • Picture Book Club (3-4 years) - Picture book box with two picture books perfect for reading aloud or for young readers just learning to read. Themes range from social and emotional development, aesthetic and creative expression.

  • Picture Book Club (5-7 years) - Picture book box comes with two picture books containing a wider range of vocabulary and longer stories, including non-fiction books that develop hobbies and interests, and out of the box thinking.

Monthly subscription starts from $33.90; $197.40 for 6 months; or $382.80 for 12 months.

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