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Mother’s Day: This Mum’s Instagram Is Useful, Helpful And Just So Beautiful

Every now and then, I come across photos of elaborate lunch or bento boxes for kids. And as lovely as these are to look at, I can't help feeling like I lack the creativity, craftsmanship, or culinary abilities needed to assemble anything that Instagram-worthy. 

I would hope that my (future) children will be well-fed, but realistically, their meals will likely fall a few notches short of #aesthetic. 

But lo and behold, my trusty Discover tab yielded a find that strikes a good balance between "pretty" and "doable for the artistically challenged."

Jamie, a Singapore-based mum, populates her Instagram feed with pictures of the simple, yet beautiful meals she assembles for her 3.5-year-old son. 

Potato balls, an orange, and puffs? Totally in my realm of ability.  

And her post captions often include recipes! Is it just us, or would this fit right in at the Muji Cafe?

The meals she prepares are quick, fuss-free, and include a balanced variety of Asian and western techniques.

We also love how she uses ingredients that we either already have, or that are easy to find in any neighbourhood grocery store.

Of course, using nice cutlery helps, but her Instagram includes information on where to buy them, should you feel compelled to up your presentation. 

Her dishes are also nutrious and largely junk-food-free. 

As to whether or not this busy mum has time to cook for herself - well, the answer is yes, because her Instagram includes plenty of cafe-worthy recipes for grown-ups.

(Let's hope someone rewards this hardworking mum with breakfast in bed on Mother's Day this Sunday!)

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