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PHOTO: instagram/amirkhanmma

No Weights At Home? Use Your Kid Lah, Like This MMA Fighter Does

Having trouble getting a good workout in with a toddler at home? Well, some might say caring for a energetic child is an exercise all on its own. But if you're looking for a creative and fun way to train, why not trade those dumbells for your kid instead. No, seriously.

Look no further than local mixed martial artist and One Championship fighter Amir Khan who posted a super child-friendly stay at home routine on his Instagram page with the help of his adorable little boy.

What's Amir doing?: Weighted Push-Ups

How does this help?: Traditional push-ups help to build upper body strength, including shoulders, triceps and pectoral muscles. Add a child chilling on top of you and it will further engage your core and back muscles.

Difficulty level: 3/5. It all depends on how heavy your kid is, let's be honest.

What's Amir doing?: Child-Assisted Upright Row

How does this help?: It is a great exercise to increase the muscular size and strength of your shoulders, including your deltoids and traps. With proper form, it even engages your bicep muscles.

Difficulty level: 4/5. The usual way to do this is with a stable barbell. Having a flailing child however, who is not necessarily cooperative will definitely increase the difficulty level.

What's Amir doing?: Sit-up Into A Simba Lift

How does this help?: Core strength, abdominal and hip muscles are activated during the sit up while lifting your child strengthens your chest, back and lats.

Difficulty level: 5/5. It's much more difficult as it combines two separate movements. But it sure is a fun time for your toddler.

What's Amir doing?: Leg Raise Superman

How does this help?: Leg raises are great for your abs and obliques while increasing stability and strength. 

Difficulty level: 4/5. Having your child lying on your shins adds an additional load that will aid in toning your stomach muscles.

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