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Sian Of Regular Meal Deliveries? Try These!

With these fun dine-in options - from ramdon and yakiniku sets to popiah and bao DIY kits - you'll never need to leave your home again!

1. Cook up your own K-drama

Posted by Ajumma's Korean Restaurant on Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Remember that mouthwatering moment in the movie Parasite, when housekeeper Mrs Kim is ordered by her tai tai boss Mrs Park to prep a bowl of “ram-don”? The Parks are so rich that Mrs Kim makes the traditionally humble street dish with atas beef. Now this ironically named “survival kit” gives you everything you need to replicate that posh recipe, complete with cooking instructions and a slab of wagyu. 

DIY survival kits (from $17.90; other recipes also available) from Ajumma’s Korean Restaurant.

2. Go for a picnic

How many times have you thought that a hipster picnic at Botanic Gardens or Fort Canning Park was an awesome idea, only to realise “what the hell was I thinking” as you swatted bugs out of your food under the burning sun? Well, the CB has created an infinitely more comfortable option: Picnicking in your own home with charming picnic baskets that can be customised with a bunch of gourmet options, like roast chicken, foie gras mousse, artisanal bread and kurobuta pork collar. Just pick a room to hold your air-conditioned picnic in and you’re sorted.

Picnic hamper (starts from $45 inclusive of a wicker basket) from Summer Hill.

3. Hotpot your heart out

Posted by Paradise Group on Thursday, 13 December 2018

Miss those weekend hotpot outings with friends? Now you can order your (well, our) fave hotpot right to your doorstep. And then hold a virtual hangout with friends as they ogle enviously at your feast. Beauty In The Pot’s home delivery sets are perfect for families of 3-6 people and come with a choice of two broths, including their famous collagen recipe. You can also add on a la carte items. Bonus: Islandwide delivery is free for orders above $100.

BITP Home Delivery Set (from $78 for 3-4 people) from Beauty In The Pot.

4. Have a nasi lemak cake-cutting ceremony

Yah, it’s impossible to get baking ingredients now since the CB turned us into a nation of bakers. Time to order the mother of all cakes and show all those flour-hoarders what you can do without queueing at Phoon Huat. This tasty nasi lemak tower can be customised with all your fave nasi lemak ingredients, from crunchy ikan bilis to juicy prawns and sambal petai. And you’ll probably spend just as long feeding your camera as yourself with it. 

Nasi lemak cake (from $49) from Nasi Lemak Indulgence.

5. Build a bao

Need we say more? DIY Bao Kits delivered Islandwide! \ud83e\udd62 or hit the Link in Bio for full deets! #StayHome #StaySafe #incrediBAO

Posted by Butcher Boy on Wednesday, 29 April 2020

If you’ve finished assembling every Lego set in your house, it’s time to graduate to building your own baos. Just unbox this neat package and fry up your choice of frozen buttermilk chicken patties or pork katsu croquettes. Then tuck them into the fluffy palm-sized bao buns, pile with pickles and drizzle with the provided soya mayo or Peking hoisin sauce.

Build A Bao kit ($48 for 6 pieces; $88 for 12) from Butcher Boy.

6. Set up your own yakiniku yatai

Posted by Yaowarat Seafood on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

With half of Changi Airport closed, even the most delusional amongst us needs to admit that travel is out for the near future. The next best thing? Pretend, lor. Turn up the aircon and imagine you’re in a cosy Osaka yatai (street stall) as you huddle down in front of one of these DIY yakiniku sets. Choose from goodies like US kurobuta pork jowl, Australian mini wagyu patties, scallops and garlic fried rice. There’s even a range of dips and one-time-use charcoal grills (the latter for an extra charge) if you don’t have your own at home. 

Yakiniku set menus from $85 (a la carte also available) from Yak Kin by Yaowarat Seafood.

7. Hold a popiah party

Kind of on a roll here, aren’t we? So let’s end this article with a DIY popiah set that comes with everything from supple handmade skins to chunkily chopped radish. Our favourite part: the crispy fried batter bits that you can sprinkle in your roll. Top off your meal with a DIY muah chee set that comes with soft, wobbly rice flour dough plus a generous amount of peanut mix. And that’s a wrap!

Mini Popiah Set ($20 for 9 pieces) and Mini Muah Chee Set ($12) from Fortune Food.

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