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Spam Balls: Our Fave Survival Food Gets An Upgrade

Can a few spices and a dash of soya sauce turn spam into something scrumptious? In a word, yes.

And MasterChef Singapore finalist Aaron Wong - our favourite friendly neighbourhood Ah Beng who always promises to make normal, everyday foodstuff a little more epic - is here to show you how.

This video is part of "Aaron Wong's Stay-Home Survival Cookbook", our brand-new series offering food hacks, tips and tricks, and delicious, easy-to-make, survival-mode recipes to help you stay fed while you stay home and stay safe.

Fronted by the 42-year-old commercial photographer and avid diver, this useful and mouth-watering video series brings to life the series of the same name on Aaron's Instagram:

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Today’s stay home cookbook is all about the undisputed king of survival food. The one thing no self respecting apocalypse can do without. That stuff we all turn to when everything else has gone to hell. Yes we are talking about spam. That can of questionable meat we all hate to love. We are talking about something with a name that literally means ‘unwanted rubbish’. But at some point in life, we all had it. So how do you reinvent something that had literally been done to death?? Trust me, this one does and I really have no idea how I even came up with it. I will attribute it to boredom. . We are making MEATBALLS that will put IKEA to shame! Here’s how it works. Get 250g of spam (Maling of course, because that shit is GOLD!) and mince them in a blender, then put into a mixing bowl. Add in 250g minced pork, 1 tablespoon of onion powder, 1 teaspoon of garlic powder, 1 teaspoon of white pepper powder, 1 tablespoon of LEE Kum Kee minced garlic, 1 small egg and 1 teaspoon of Cajun seasoning (optional) but adding it gives a nice kick. Then dice up 30g of button mushroom into small cubes and pan fry them with some oil till golden brown and throw them into the mixing bowl when done. Lastly, mix 2 tablespoon of corn starch with 2 tablespoon of soya sauce. Pour into bowl and mix EVERYTHING up well. Keep stirring and mixing until it becomes a uniform thick paste. Heat up a non stick pan with some oil, portion the meatball and pan sear them over MEDIUM LOW heat. Remember, you want to cook them through without burning them outside. Flatten them slightly, so it cooks faster. Once brown and slight crispy on the top and bottom, take them off the heat. DONE! The spam acts as a filler and since it is already so tender, it just turns your meatballs into this tender ball of magic. The seasoning is actually up to you. But here’s a tip, cook ONE first and taste if it’s ok, if not, add whatever you need to fix it to your taste before committing the entire batch. If cheese is your thing, then why the hell not right?! The idea here is mixing spam with meat! . I must say this is pretty epic. Think I’ll go give myself a pat on the back now and call it Aaron’s spamballs... Ok, ENJOY!

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"Aaron Wong's Stay-Home Survival Cookbook" is also available on's IGTV channel.

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