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Which Alcoholic Drinks Have More Calories Than A Burger?

An average burger has about 250 calories, but one of the following drinks could exceed 800 calories - that's more than three burgers. 

1. White Russian

Coffee liqueur, vodka and fresh cream… triple treat or triple threat? One glass of this cocktail has about 250 calories – the same as what you get from a chocolate bar, a burger or six scoops of ice cream.


2. Regular beer

Two pints of this have about 360 calories which require a 30-minute jog to work off. In food terms, that’s what you consume if you have a little more than one burger.

3. Pina colada

Just one regular-sized glass of this will give you more than 500 calories, thanks to that yummy mix of pineapple juice, rum and cream of coconut. Have a couple and that’s practically two whole meals.

4. Long Island tea

Its name is a misnomer. There’s no tea in this potent concoction. What you get instead: rum, gin, tequila, vodka, cola and more. The more that goes into a drink, the more calories it can have. One standard glass of Long Island tea has nearly 300 calories and also more carbs than what you get from eating one slice of bread.

5. Margarita

Depending on what goes into yours, just a glass of it can ring in more than 800 calories. You could eat a lot with this many calories, you know.

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