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Getting In Shape Without Leaving Your HDB Estate

After the trauma of dealing with COVID-19 safe management measures for the past couple of years, some of us are still cautious about heading out – especially to exercise. But as they say, baby steps! Here are some exercises you can do in the comfort of your HDB estate without the need for gym equipment.

Simply set out some time two to three times a week for a quick workout and start seeing a positive change in your physical and mental health. Be sure to pair these workouts with comfortable attire, adequate rest, and ample hydration!

Warm up at the estate fitness corner

Chances are, you’ve probably seen one of those outdoor fitness corners around your estate. They have various equipment from sit-up benches and pull up bars to even non-static equipment such as cycling machines and magnetic bells. Different equipment targets different muscle groups; fitness corners often come with instructions at the various stations that show you how to use the equipment safely.


Walk and jog (or “wog”) around your estate

Another common feature of our HDB estates are the green, open spaces and landscaped walkways – perfect for a “wog”! Wogging, as the portmanteau suggests, is a workout that combines walking and jogging – something you can consider if you want to reap the benefits of walking with a little jog or perhaps are not ready for that run. The benefit of doing it in your estate is the availability of space without having to “compete” with other runners (like in the gyms or stadiums). And who knows, you just might find your next favourite bubble tea or food stall around the corner!

Make use of your HDB carpark for short sprints

If wogging is not your thing, and you’d like to challenge yourself a little more, consider exploring your estate’s multi-story car park (MSCP) to brisk-walk or for short runs. Head up to the higher decks of an HDB MSCP and you may find an open space that is often empty and quiet. The best part about this space: you can run and not be paiseh about your neighbours watching you. Stay safe and always keep a lookout for traffic.


Climb your way to good health

Climbing the stairs is a great way to get back in shape, rain or shine! Stairclimbing not only improves our aerobic fitness, it improves our thigh, leg and hip muscles while also toning our core. Plus, studies have shown that compared to running, stairclimbing burns twice the fat. Choose a number of floors to climb and commit to it for 30 minutes. Over time, increase the number of floors you climb or carry a light backpack to increase the intensity of your workout.

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