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Through My Lens: For Aw Meng Kit, The Sky Is Not The Limit

It's been said that "passion equals drive, drive equals determination, and enough determination equals success".

In one of Aw Meng's darkest moments - when he was diagnosed with muscle cancer at the age of 18 and subsequently had to undergo 52 weeks of chemotherapy - he chanced upon a camera his brother had bought but wasn't using, and developed a passion for photography; in particular, the aviation photography, a passion linked to his dream of being a pilot.

"I was in treatment and had nothing to do for a year, so why not take a trip to Changi beach and experiment with photography of the aircraft?" Meng Kit recalls. "It just took off from there!"

Today, the 26-year-old is an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. More importantly, the cancer is, thankfully, in remission, and his passion for photography has grown, so much so that Meng Kit has not one but two Instagram accounts (@alphamikekilo - where he proudly describes himself as an "aspiring pilot" - and @callsign_tomato - where he labels himself an "aviation enthusiast") loaded with posts of aircraft snaps.

The former, which also includes cityscapes, landscapes, cars and even cats, shows how his subject matter has expanded beyond the world of aviation, and gives an indication of his experimentation with photography techniques.

From passion to drive, determination and success? We certainly think so!

This story is part of our Through My Lens video series. In each episode, a shutterbug lets us into their world and tells us what inspires them and how they see the world through their viewfinder.

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