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Nic Chan has designed close to 500 sneakers as part of TK Customs. Photo: Nic Chan

Customise Your Kicks With Nic

Sneaker culture is all the rage these days. With celebrities and influencers rocking their Yeezys and Supremes, it's only natural that the masses would want to jump on the bandwagon to emulate their favourite stars. Nic Chan has been a sneaker customizer with TK Customs for almost half a decade and witnessed his clientele grow to include not just private clients but big brands like Puma and Reebok.

Having customised close to 500 sneakers in his career, Nic has seen all kinds of requests come his way, from cartoon-inspired designs to truly unique creations that serve to act as an extension of the client's personality and individuality. "I think one of the more popular requests would be everything and anything that's trending. For example, TV series characters like Rick and Morty or Adventure Time," he shared.

And if you think personalised sneakers are just an obsession for guys, Nic has an interesting revelation, "I see more women interested in the sneaker culture these days because I think everyone wants to be a part of it. And women are definitely not left out." 

For Nic, the most rewarding part of his job is receiving all the positive feedback for his designs and seeing them appear overseas to all parts of the world. To learn more about Nic's bespoke kicks, check out the video above, including what was his most expensive creation to date.

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