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On 9 Aug, expect nostalgic fun, emotive filmlets, dazzling fireworks, and, most importantly, talented individuals galore. IMAGES: NICK CHEE

First Look At What Goes Into The Magic Of The NDP 2024 Show

National Day Parade 2024 (NDP 2024), which will be held at the iconic Padang (a National Monument), promises to be a spectacular celebration of the nation's unity and diversity.

This year's Show segment is designed to spotlight the collective strength of our people through a series of mass performances, familiar songs and brand-new compositions, and evocative filmlets.

Hosted by Joakim Gomez, Sonia Chew, Ebi Shankara, and Siti Khalijah, the Show will feature over 3,000 performers, including students, community groups, and first-time participants.

Joakim Gomez will co-host the show with Ebi Shankara, Siti Khalijah, and Sonia Chew. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

Over 3,000 performers will take to the Padang on 9 Aug. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

Local talents galore

The NDP 2024 Show will feature 12 artistes and a diverse cast of performers from various organisations such as the Ministry of Education, Team Strong Seniors, Music and Drama Company, Voices of Singapore, and more.

Audience motivators – in the form of 450 students from TOUCH Community Services – will help ensure that those of us at the Padang stay in an energised party mood throughout the evening.

Catch Amni Musfirah (top and above, in white) and the Music and Drama Company singers in Chapter Three. | IMAGES: NICK CHEE

Singer-songwriter shazza, who will appear in Chapter Four, makes her NDP debut this year. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

Thematic chapters and performances

The Show is divided into a pre-parade segment and four chapters, each telling a unique story about Singapore's past, present, and future.

It begins with a heartfelt tribute to the nation's pioneers, followed by a vibrant display of unity through our diverse food heritage. The third chapter portrays Singapore as a compassionate society, and the final chapter envisions a brighter future for all.

Adding to the excitement, the event welcomes several first-time partners and artistes, including groups like Singapore Gymnastics National Training Centre and Swift Skating Academy, and singers such as Amni Musfirah, shazza, weish, and cellist Olivia Chuang, all making their NDP debut.

Cellist Olivia Chuang’s performance accompanies one of three emotive filmlets. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

Short films and original songs

Three short films will be interwoven into the Show, highlighting the experiences of Singaporeans from different walks of life:

  • "Film One – Family" celebrates our diverse food culture through the hosts' perspectives.
  • "Film Two – Care and Compassion" shares inspiring stories of individuals who go above and beyond to uplift their communities.
  • "Film Three – We, the Citizens of Singapore" honours 22 individuals from various occupations, emphasising our collective responsibility towards a shared future.

The Show will also feature three original compositions:

  • "Hold Up The Sky", performed by Amni Musfirah and the Music and Drama Company, symbolises unity in nation-building.
  • "Horizon", performed by weish, encourages Singaporeans to face the future with courage.
  • The NDP 2024 theme song, "Not Alone", written and performed by Benjamin Kheng, will resonate with the audience as a reminder of togetherness and resilience.

Choristers from Voices of Singapore will appear in Chapter Five. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

An immersive experience

This year's NDP promises an immersive experience with an asymmetrical stage designed to enhance performance possibilities.

The Show Centre at the Padang will bring the action closer to the audience, complemented by 12 LED banners, four mobile LED cubes, and the main LED screens, ensuring a 360-degree visual feast. Spectators will become part of the multimedia canvas, wearing LED wristbands that light up in sync with the show.

For the first time, the audience will witness a dazzling array of stage effects and pyrotechnics from the Padang Show Centre ground. These include sparkulars (a type of cold spark non-pyrotechnics safe for use near performers), flame projectors, CO2 machines, low fog machines, and mobile pyrotechnic boxes.

Brian Gothong Tan has stepped into the role of Creative Director for the first time. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

“The show we have put together promises to be an unforgettable celebration of Singapore's spirit, resilience, and unity,” says Creative Director Brian Gothong Tan, who is directing the Show for the first time.

“From a vibrant carnival atmosphere in the pre-parade segment to an inspiring tribute to our collective strength and resilience, each chapter of the performance is designed to captivate and uplift.”

What a jubilant jamboree to look forward to – we can’t wait!

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