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The Light Strike Vehicle MK.II is the SAF's fast and lightweight anti-tank vehicle. IMAGE: NICK CHEE

This Mean Machine Will Be In NDP 2024 - And We Got To Ride It!

"Wah like rollercoaster sia!"

That was my only thought as I zoomed across the Padang in the passenger seat of a Light Strike Vehicle (LSV) MK.II, the Singapore Army's fast and lightweight anti-tank vehicle.

No, I hadn't been called back for reservist training. Instead, I was at a media event for National Day Parade 2024 (NDP 2024), and this was a demonstration of the LSV's speed, stability, and control.

The LSV is able to reach speeds of up to 110km/h. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

My safety was ensured! | IMAGES: NICK CHEE

As the skilful driver hurtled the LSV towards a tight corner, I tightened my grip on the harness that was keeping me from flying out of the vehicle... and we Tokyo-drifted around the bend, wheels screeching to a stop.

What a thrill to have experienced this truly impressive asset of the Singapore Armed Forces first-hand.

Some of the assets and vehicles from the TD40 D3 segment of NDP 2024. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

The LSV will be one of 40 state-of-the-art assets that will be featured in the "Together, We Keep Singapore Strong" Total Defence 40 Dynamic Defence Display (TD40 D3).

This segment, the second chapter of NDP 2024, commemorates 40 years of Total Defence in Singapore, and will mark the first time that the D3 is being showcased at the Padang.

TD40 D3 will also demonstrate our nation’s readiness and capabilities to deal with various threats, and see the involvement of more than 400 participants and supporting staff from the Singapore Army, Republic of Singapore Navy, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Digital and Intelligence Service, Singapore Police Force (SPF), and Singapore Civil Defence Force as well as other government and non-government agencies.

What makes the LSV such a formidable force on the battlefield?


"Speed. I am speed."

The Light Strike Vehicle MK.II is a fast and lightweight anti-tank vehicle designed for rapid deployability. It can be heli-lifted into the battlefield, allowing for swift insertion into combat zones. With an automatic transmission, the vehicle can travel at speeds up to 110 km/h and has a maximum range of 500 km.

Its superior suspension system and all-terrain tyres provide excellent stability and control, enabling it to traverse undulating terrains with ease.

Stealth mode on

This LSV is equipped with advanced night-fighting capabilities. It features infra-red headlights that emit beams invisible to the naked eye, allowing for stealthy operations at night.

The infra-red light illuminates the path for the crew, who are equipped with Night Vision goggles, ensuring effective navigation and combat readiness in low-light conditions

A stacked arsenal

The vehicle is outfitted with a Multi-weapon Mast that supports a variety of weapon systems. One variant includes the Vehicle Launch Spike System, capable of firing missiles at targets up to 4000m away.

Another variant is equipped with an Automatic Grenade Launcher, which can fire up to 350 High Explosive rounds per minute at targets up to 1500m away. This versatility in armament makes the LSV a formidable force on the battlefield.

Integrated network capabilities

Additionally, the LSV integrates a Battlefield Management System (BMS), connecting the vehicle's crew to a network of combat systems, including other LSVs, AH-64 Apache Helicopters, and the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. The BMS allows for top-tier battlefield awareness and firepower.

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