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Some of the 40 state-of-the-art assets that will be featured in the Total Defence 40 Dynamic Defence Display at NDP 2024. IMAGES: NDP 2024 EXCO

NDP 2024: A Showcase Of Strength As Total Defence Turns 40

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Total Defence in Singapore, and to celebrate, National Day Parade 2024 (NDP 2024) is set to feature the Total Defence 40 (TD40) Dynamic Defence Display (D3) at the Padang for the very first time.

Expanding beyond the traditional parade grounds, the TD40 D3 will also take to the waters at Marina Bay, promising an unforgettable spectacle of military and civil prowess.

“The TD40 D3 demonstrates our nation’s readiness and capabilities to deal with various threats,” said Major (MAJ) Ng Wei Yang, Eugene, Chairman, TD40 D3, at a media briefing on 21 Jun.

Major Ng Wei Yang, Eugene, Chairman, TD40 D3. | IMAGE: NDP 2024 EXCO

“This year’s display comprises four sub-segments showcasing how we respond to threats in the air, maritime, land, and digital domains as well as civil disruptions and homeland security incidents,” added MAJ Ng.

With 40 state-of-the-art assets and more than 400 participants and supporting staff from various defence and emergency agencies, this display is a testament to Singapore’s comprehensive approach to national security.

A key highlight for this year’s display is the role of the community in keeping Singapore strong and resilient against disruption and crises. The TD40 D3 will demonstrate ways that we can play our part in Total Defence, such as stepping forward to donate blood, or increasing our individual preparedness through learning first aid.

We take a closer look at the TD40 D3 and what to expect on 9 Aug at the Padang:

Participants from the Parade and Ceremony and TD40 D3 segments of NDP 2024. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

Assets and vehicles from the TD40 D3 segment of NDP 2024. | IMAGE: NDP 2024 EXCO

A diverse assembly of defence forces

The TD40 D3 will bring together an impressive array of participants and supporting staff from the Singapore Army, Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN), Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS), Singapore Police Force (SPF), and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Also joining the display will be personnel from key civilian agencies such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, national water agency PUB, and Singapore Red Cross.

This diverse assembly represents the full spectrum of Singapore’s defence and emergency response capabilities, highlighting the collaborative effort that keeps the nation secure.

Cutting-edge military and emergency equipment

The TD40 D3 will feature several cutting-edge assets, marking significant advancements in military and emergency response technology. Here are some that represent impressive “firsts” for both NDP and Singapore’s defence force:

Light Machine Gun (LMG): First time in NDP

Making its inaugural appearance at the NDP, the Singapore Army’s latest weapon, the LMG Colt Infantry Automatic Rifle 6940E-SG, will be showcased. This new addition promises enhanced lethality, improved ergonomics, and greater customisation options, allowing soldiers to operate more effectively across various combat scenarios.

Electric Pump Ladder (E-PL): First time in NDP

The SCDF will unveil the Electric Pump Ladder (E-PL), a next-generation fire engine. This innovative vehicle, developed in collaboration with the Home Team Science and Technology Agency and Rosenbauer, exemplifies a commitment to sustainability while enhancing operational efficiency.

Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to operate such a vehicle. Capable of operating in both full electric and hybrid modes, the E-PL offers significant improvements in manoeuvrability, stability, and firefighter safety.


Water Wagon: First time in NDP

Singapore’s national water agency, PUB, will debut its Water Wagon (above), a vehicle with a 1,000-litre tank equipped to supply potable water during interruptions. It features a pump and generator capable of boosting water pressure up to 30m. This appearance of the Water Wagon also marks PUB’s inaugural participation in the TD40 D3.


Singapore Red Cross Transporter: First time in NDP

Making its first appearance in the TD40 D3, the Singapore Red Cross Transporter (above) supports emergency exercises by transporting volunteers and essential supplies. Equipped with a wheelchair lifter, it also serves as a passenger transport vehicle during peacetime for up to 10 people, and is especially handy for those who are wheelchair-bound.

The RSAF’s AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter taking part in rehearsals for the TD40 D3 segment of NDP 2024. | IMAGE: NDP 2024 EXCO

AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter: RSAF’s first tandem-seat helicopter

The RSAF’s AH-64D Apache Attack Helicopter, renowned for its multi-mission capabilities, will also feature in the display. This tandem-seat helicopter, the first in the RSAF, has the pilot located in the rear seat and co-pilot in the front seat.

Equipped with a sophisticated Fire Control Radar, it can detect and engage targets under various conditions, showcasing the RSAF’s advanced aerial combat capabilities.

Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV): SAF’s first fully digitalised platform

The SAF’s Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV), the first fully digitalised platform in the SAF, is designed for increased survivability and lethality in urban environments. With integrated surveillance sensors, sighting systems, and advanced weaponry, the Hunter AFV enhances situational awareness and collaborative engagement, setting a new standard for armoured vehicles.

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