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Phase 2 Paktor Ideas To Keep Bae Happy, Occupied, Safe

With Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening set to remain for the foreseeable future, we are more or less slowly getting used to things. But, people still need to socialise and paktor hor. Afraid your dating game will take a hit? Don’t be. Here is a list of ideas and places for you to surprise your partner with; confirm plus chop sweep them off their feet!

1. Tea Blending Workshop

Head over to The Tea Crafters for their popular tea blending workshops, where you can learn about the basics of tea, and have fun by creating your own unique tea blends. Both you and your partner can learn more about how to properly prepare your own cup of tea, the different types of tea and their basic properties. But your fave cup of tea is still your date *wink*.

2. Vintage Camera Museum

Where photography meets art. The entrance of the Vintage Camera Museum takes on the form of a camera, and the entry is shaped like a lens. Browse through replicas of historically significant photographs and explore this museum with your partner! This museum is one where the “no touching” rule doesn’t apply, and you can fiddle with a number of vintage cameras and try them out for yourself. Take some cute couple pics while you’re there!

3. Board Games and Booze

Want to show off your intellectual side? Look no further than King And The Pawn, which has over 300 board games as well as mouthwatering food and alcoholic drinks. Dunno how to play anything? Don’t worry – there are game gurus on hand to teach you the basics and quickly get to the fun parts. We guarantee bae won’t be bored with these boards!

4. Picture Perfect Picnic

After being cooped up for months during the Circuit Breaker, we all need some fresh air. Why not bring your date on a memorable picnic with everything planned to perfection? TheMeetUpSG offers themed picnic services including food, drinks, and even a professional photography segment for #igworthy shots!

5. Terrarium Workshop

The experts over at Terrarium Singapore will give you green thumbs in no time. Unleash your creativity by designing your very own mini glass garden. Bond with your partner as you watch each other’s terrarium come to life. Not only will you end up with a lasting mini-garden, you’ll have precious memories that are, ahem, evergreen.

6. Furry Friends

You know how GrabHitch works by matching riders to car owners? Similarly, Furpal matches dog owners with dog-loving people. Here’s your chance to enjoy the benefits and cuddles of dog companionship without having to own a dog. Set up a playdate with a loving fur companion now! Warning: The dog might become #1 in your partner’s heart instead of you.

7. Martial Arts

Paktor Idea: If bae pissed you off but deep down you still yearn for each other’s company, then why not bond through martial arts? Couples get to choose between boxing and muay thai at Refuel Academy where the instructors will get you kicking and punching with finesse. Here’s your chance to take your frustration out on your partner with a valid excuse. Or just call it tough love!

8. Sea the world

For the more atas couple, why not take a romantic cruise? The luxurious White Sails will make your Titanic dreams come true (without sinking). They offer the chance to venture out into the open seas and be rewarded with an amazing view of the sparkling blue ocean. Take a break from Singapore’s urban landscape with a refreshingly different view out at sea. Your #ship will definitely sail!

9. Photography Workshop

GF always complain your photos cmi? Phocus is here to take your photography skills to the next level. They even have classes focused on smartphone photography, ensuring you have what it takes to snap beautiful shots with your everyday device. Confirm #instagramboyfriend material after this.

10. Film Screenings

Rejoice movie buffs, gahmen has reopened cinemas, hooray! Some highly anticipated films are out or coming soon (“Train To Busan: Peninsula” now showing; “Mulan” on 20 Aug, and “A Quiet Place 2” on 3 Sep), so grab your popcorn and couple seats – and be sure to take note of all the safety measures.


11. Couple Manicure

Ladies, why not involve your other half in your regular #selfcare sessions? Pamper yourself and your man at the The Nail Lab with couple manicure and pedicure sessions. You might be surprised at how much you can bond over an intimate nail shaping experience.


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