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The Triathlete With Invisible Disabilities

Darren Ho grew up suspecting he was different from the other kids. But he could never quite put a finger on it. "When people talked to me, I tend to lose focus very fast. I fidget a lot."

Not only that, he felt that his senses were heightened to the point that everyday sounds could feel deafening. Despite the signals, his teachers and parents merely dismissed it as attention seeking behaviour. Little did they know, that Darren was suffering from a triumvirate of conditions.

"I was diagnosed with ADHD, Tourette's and autism," Darren shared. However, his disorders went untreated deep into adulthood. He coped by overeating and relying on alchohol to the point of morbid obesity. Darren finally hit rock bottom one eventful day when he had a public meltdown at a food court. 

Darren knew then that he had to turn his life around. Now 37 years old, he is an ultra endurance athlete, regularly competing in multi-distance triathlons around the world. His determination to overcome his invisible disabilities to achieve triumph is an inspiration for all.

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