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10,000 Steps With Tosh: From Giant Fish To Tiny Ants

Chalk up your daily 10,000 steps with actor and host Tosh Zhang, as he brings you on a route that takes you from the Singapore Botanic Gardens to an abandoned bunker dating to the Second World War and a spot on Dempsey Hill to see giant arapaima.

This video is part of our 10,000 Steps With Tosh series. Joined by different walking kakis in each episode, Tosh brings you on routes around Singapore that help you discover new things about our sunny island, even as you fulfil your daily recommended 10,000 steps.

In this episode, Tosh's walking partners are insect farmers Ng Jia Quan and Darren Ho. They discover honey papaya trees, reminesce about the Second World War, and enter the fascinating world of insects.

And if you're interested in walking the route featured in this episode, click on the map below:

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