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The 100kg World War II aerial bomb found at Upper Bukit Timah was so large it had to be disposed on-site IMAGE: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE

5 Other Places In Singapore Where WWII Relics Have Been Found

This week started with a bang - literally. At 12:30pm and 1:45pm on 26 September, the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team safely detonated a World War II-era war relic at a construction site in Upper Bukit Timah. 

Not only is the 100kg aerial bomb relic believed to be one of the largest WWII bomb relics found in Singapore, but according to The Straits Times, the subsequent evacuation exercise was the largest ever involving a WWII relic. Over 4,000 residents in more than 1,000 homes were asked to temporarily vacate their premises. Numerous shopkeepers had to close operations, and Greenridge Secondary School moved to home-based learning for the day. 

Although the WWII relic found last week was one of the larger ones, finding and disposing of them isn't an uncommon occurrence in Singapore. Here's a look back at some memorable instances over the years: 

1. Jiak Kim Street

In November 2019, the SAF's EOD team detonated a 50kg World War II bomb relic found under Zouk's former site. The area's residents, which included guests from the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, were asked to evacuate the area between 8am and 6pm until disposal was complete. Talk about a memorable Singapore stay for tourists. 

2. Jurong Island

In 2017, the SAF Explosive Ordnance Team spent two days disposing of a 70mm high World War II explosive projectile found at a construction yard on Jurong Island. It turned out to be a dramatic month indeed - just 8 days later, another war relic was found near East Coast Road. 

3. Sengkang

In 2016, A a British 105mm projectile was found at yet another construction yard in Sengkang - this time, the team worked through the night to detonate and subsequently dispose of the relic. 

4. Outram

Bruno Mars always said he would catch a grenade for you, but no one ever asked where that grenade went. In 2014, a few workers found a hand-grenade in a heart-shaped tree, tucked in between two branches. Unless you’re Bruno Mars or the EOD unit, stay far, far away. 

5. Tampines

In 2014, another war relic was found in a (surprise!) construction site in Tampines. So much for the east side being the best side. The relic was an Illumination mortar round. No, not the Illumination you see that Minion yell at the beginning of Despicable Me.

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