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“Eager Anticipation” by Teng Kai Wei showcases a young family excited to go on an adventure... shopping maybe? IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Malls Of Singapore: Public Artworks Here Set You Thinking

We're on a mission to uncover what makes shopping malls in Singapore truly one-of-a-kind. Forget the typical weekend bargain hunting run, these places are packed with exciting experiences that'll keep you coming back for more.

In the vibrant heart of Singapore's shopping scene, our malls are not merely destinations for fashion, food, and fun. They're also enchanting galleries of public artworks that spark curiosity and transform everyday spaces into extraordinary experiences. The next time you visit these shopping destinations, keep your eyes peeled for these artistic gems.

ION Orchard


“Nutmeg & Mace”, 2009 by Kumari Nahappan

"Nutmeg & Mace," is a remarkable sculpture by Swiss artist Daniel Kasser. This 2-tonne bronze masterpiece, displayed just outside ION Orchard's entrance near Dolce & Gabbana, is a nod to the site's history as a nutmeg plantation. It's a reminder that Orchard Road's name harks back to its orchard and nutmeg heritage, long before it evolved into today's bustling shopping haven.

Paragon Mall


“Noeud Rouge”, 2012 by Jean-Michel Othoniel

Begin your artistic journey here with "Noeud Rouge," a twisting red glass sculpture by esteemed French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel. Crafted from blown mirror glass, this piece offers an ever-changing perspective, appearing different from various angles, and symbolising endless knots.


“11 Celebrations, Endearment, Courtship, Development, Friendship & Relaxation”, 2002 by Sun Yu-li

Scattered across Paragon Mall's open foyer, you'll encounter six sculptures by Singaporean artist Sun Yu-li titled "11 Celebrations, Endearment, Courtship, Development, Friendship & Relaxation". Inspired by ancient civilisations and cave paintings, these sculptures provide a fascinating primordial counterpoint to the modern-day hustle and bustle of Orchard Road.

Orchard Central


“Tall Girl”, 2009 by Inges Idee

Near the newly opened Van Leeuwen Ice Cream shop at Orchard Central is a towering piece of art that defies convention. Standing tall at 20m, the distorted shopper sculpture, crafted by German artist collective Inges Idee, challenges perspectives and offers a playful and larger-than-life addition to the mall's atmosphere.


“Datafall”, 2023 by Refik Anadol Studio

Also inside Orchard Central, just across the Under Armour store, you'll find "Datafall" by Refik Anadol Studio. This massive digital art piece showcases natural patterns, constantly evolving and transforming. Using AI and publicly available images of Singapore, this artwork offers a unique and digitised perspective of our city-state.


“Nutmeg Grove”, 2009 by Michele Righetti

Enter the mall beneath "Datafall", then make a left turn to discover a red nutmeg sculpture (no, it's not a giant bicycle helmet). Crafted by Italian artist Michele Righetti, this vibrant metallic sculpture draws inspiration from the colours and patterns of the nutmeg seed, celebrating Orchard Road's rich heritage.


“The Stair, The Clouds, and The Sky”, 2009 by Victor Tan Wee Tar

Head up to Orchard Central's beautiful rooftop garden, where you'll find stainless-steel-wire-and-rod sculptures titled "The Stair, The Clouds, and The Sky" by Victor Tan Wee Tar. See if you can spot them all amid the lush greenery. Can you imitate the poses they're in?

Aperia Mall


“Eager Anticipation”, 2019, Teng Kai Wei

Aperia Mall welcomes visitors with another public artwork depicting stainless steel wire-mesh humans. This artwork, created by Teng Kai Wei, portrays a young family eagerly embarking on an adventure, perfectly capturing the excitement of starting something new, much like a visit to boulder+ on the 3rd floor.

OUE Downtown Gallery


“Standing Woman”, 2006 by Fernando Botero

Outside OUE Downtown Gallery stands "Standing Woman" by renowned South American artist Fernando Botero, recognised for his rotund and whimsical figures. This voluptuous sculpture adds a touch of slay and grandeur to the mall's entrance. While you're here, don't forget to explore the rooftop farm atop this shopping mall too.

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes


“Sky Mirror”, 2010 by Anish Kapoor

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes isn't just an architectural wonder; it's also home to thought-provoking art installations. "Sky Mirror" by artist Anish Kapoor reflects the ever-changing environment with its angled surface, inviting viewers to contemplate their surroundings. There are several versions of this sculpture around the world, with the original located at Wellington Circus, Nottingham, England.


“Rain Oculus", 2010 by Ned Kahn

Another captivating artwork is "Rain Oculus" by American artist Ned Kahn. This mesmerising installation features a 22m diameter acrylic bowl. When it rains, the rainwater collects into the bowl, and is released as a cascading sheet of water down into the mall’s canal, symbolising the eternal cycle of water.

Suntec City


“Abundance III”, 1997 by Sun Yu-li

Don't be fooled by the seemingly "huge" cylindrical art piece at Suntec City. Created by Sun Yu-li, "Abundance III" plays with perspective and, upon closer inspection (and at the right - or rather, wrong - angle), reveals its true “flat” nature. According to the artist, this sculpture expresses the excitement of a harvest festival, radiating abundant life and joy.

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