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Here are some ways to bridge the gap between travel styles and help you focus on deepening your connection with each other instead. IMAGE: 123RF

Passport To Compatibility: Exploring The World With Contrasting Preferences

Travelling with your significant other can be an exciting adventure, especially if it is your first time doing so. But what happens when your interests clash? 👉👈 You may be someone who loves hiking and nature, but bae is the polar opposite, and only wants to eat McDonald’s and hunt for his favourite anime merch. Welp.

Mai kan cheong - with a little planning and a dash of compromise, you and your other half can navigate these differences and go on an adventure that checks both your boxes. Remember, the essence of travelling together isn’t just about ticking off sights from a checklist or making people FOMO with your Instagram stories, but really about deepening your connection and creating lasting memories as a couple. Happy travels, lovebirds!

This one I must-do

Before crafting your itinerary (and if you’re not doing one, we definitely recommend that you should lah), start making a list of things that both you and bae die-die must do respectively when you get to your destination. Have an open and honest conversation about what truly excites the both of you about the place. Whether it’s about going to see snowy mountains, trying the best local street food, or visiting a football stadium, be honest from the start so that the one who’s the trip planner will know what activities to prioritise.

Got enough time ah?

Now that you have the list of die-die must do things, set sufficient time aside for each person’s activities. This way, both of you can enjoy what you like without feeling rushed or neglected. It’s important to have that balance so both parties will feel fulfilled during the trip. Who knows, you might end up enjoying an activity that bae is passionate about?

Schedule some me time (but don’t make it too long)

Even couples need some me time, especially when it’s going to be a long trip. Plan for short periods where the two of you can venture out on your own and pursue your personal interests, especially when you know it’s something that the other person is definitely not going to like. A little alone time can be rejuvenating, but remember not to overdo it, and make sure you allocate enough quality time for shared experiences as well. After all, it’s a couple trip, not a solo trip!


Maybe you’re only going to be at a location for a day or two, but both of you have many things on your to-do list to cross off. The best thing to do is to find middle ground. Let’s say you’ve been dying to explore a particular mountain trek (but bae isn’t that hot about being at one with nature). Agree to go hiking together in the a.m., then follow your partner to that card game shop he’s been dying to visit later in the day. It's all about finding a win-win situation that allows both of you to have memorable experiences. Again, planning beforehand is crucial so that neither of you will leave with regrets.

Cannot 50:50? Have more say in other aspects

It’s possible that despite both of your best efforts, the itinerary may still be slightly skewed towards one party. In such cases, perhaps you can give bae more say in other non-itinerary related stuff for the trip. For instance, you can let them have the final say on the choice of hotels, what to makan, or the flights you’ll be taking. This way, they will feel more involved in the holiday, even if the activities themselves may not align perfectly with their interests.

What happens if we argue?

Disagreements are normal when you and bae have different interests while travelling. Take a short break to cool down and reflect on what triggered the argument. Practice active listening and understand each other's perspective. Always choose empathy and work towards finding a resolution. End each day by telling your partner you love them, no matter what. Life is too short to hold on to quarrels and grudges, so remember to say “I love you” (or do it in the language of the country you’re visiting).

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