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(Clockwise from top left): Spiral, Reserate, Allegiance, Aggressive Raisin Cat, Seavision and Remnants are rocking it hard at the top of our list. Photos: Instagram/@spiral637 and @remnantsband, and Facebook/Reserate, Allegiance SG, Aggressive Raisin Cat and Seavision

Spotify Spotlight: Local Metal And Hardcore Bands To Headbang To

The music scene in Singapore has been slowly but surely growing over the past two to three decades. In the last couple of years, however, there’s been a sharp rise in the support for local artists.

With large-scale music festivals like Baybeats and Ignite! becoming more and more popular among the youth plus the onset of Spotify which has allowed local talent to bloom (just look at all the artists we’ve featured here on, it’s no longer a surprise to tell your friends that you #supportlocal.

For fans of heavier music genres, you’re in for a treat. Alongside the glitz of the large stages at local music festivals are smaller underground shows that don’t lack in quality or passion. Although not as widely publicised, these small scale local gigs often feature some of Singapore’s best up-and-coming metal and hardcore bands.

And, believe me, there are many of them out there. If I were to include all of them here, it would take you 6 weeks to get through the list. So, instead, here are 6 of our favourite ones that make us – and maybe you too ­– headbang and destroy the living room to.


Fresh off their Baybeats debuts in 2020, Remnants are known for their emotional and high-paced performances filled to the brim with showmanship. They recently shared the stage in Singapore and Malaysia with American hardcore band, Knocked Loose, on their Southeast Asian tour and have been regular outfits in the local hardcore and metal scene.

Check out Remnants for hard-hitting, riff-heavy melodic hardcore jams to let loose to whenever your boss asks you to OT.

Posted by Aggressive Raisin Cat on Monday, 6 July 2020


Aggressive Raisin Cat

Interesting band name aside, this progressive metalcore band absolutely rips. If you like listening to music that you know you’ll never be able to cover, then this band is for you. The music they write is fast, technical, and, as their name suggests, extremely aggressive. They write riffs with many, many notes and combine them with brutal deathcore vocals.

Although they only have one song on Spotify right now, Aggressive Raisin Cat is a band worth keeping your eyes and ears on.


Another progressive metalcore band, Reserate is a true blue Djent-y metalcore band that aims to “crush you with hard hitting riffs and serenade you with soft melodic passages”. Their EP, “Augmented Reality”, released late in 2020 is a 4-song banger with very cyperpunk-y song titles like “V/V/D” and “EG· D3+H”.

Apart from making very headbang-able progressive metalcore grooves, the band also puts out quality video content consistent with the vibe that Reserate exudes.

Listen to Reserate and stay tuned for their upcoming shows for dynamic progressive metalcore with very intricate riffs.


Back with a new vocalist and a heavier, revived sound, Seavision are fresh off their energetic and fast-paced performance at ITE Rock Central 2020. The 5-piece band released their debut EP, “Betrayer”, in mid-2020, and are planning to build on their music experiences in 2021.

Seavision combines groovy metalcore riffs with brutal vocals, catchy choruses, and the occasional floor-punching breakdown.

Put Seavision on your radar for classic metalcore tunes with a modernised sound and heavy-hitting, in-your-face grooves.


Making a comeback in recent years, Allegiance are veterans in the local metal scene. Formed back in 2011 with a plethora of local shows under their belt, the band cite various inspirations for their sound, from K-pop to Linkin Park.

Sharing the virtual stage with Remnants at Baybeats, Allegiance have returned to the scene with a polished new identity and an improved sound, featuring lyrics that share an important message or story that the band wants to convey.

Stream Allegiance’s music to check out what metalcore with K-pop influences sounds like.


Relatively new to the hardcore scene but arriving with a bang, Spiral recently performed at ITE Rock Central 2020 alongside Seavision. Their debut single, “Monarch”, released this month packs a fierce punch to kickstart your 2021.

Spiral brings the heat whenever they step onto the stage and their music gives you no choice but to move.

Give Spiral a listen and spiral down a rabbit hole of fast, loud, and heavy hardcore jams. on Spotify

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