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Spotify Spotlight: Don't Say It by Sarah X. Miracle

What's in a name, you might ask? For Sarah X. Miracle, hers is a story borne of miracles. This enigmatic songbird has lived a life most could barely fathom.

From being a young mother at the tender age of 18, pursuing a high-profile Radio DJ career and achieving entrepreneurial success with her own lifestyle brand to surviving a near-fatal accident and recent life-altering pregnancy loss, it is no surprise that her resilient spirit resonates in her music.

Sarah X's debut single, "Don't Say It" is at once enigmatic and soulful, an anthem for women to know their self-worth and not feel sorry for letting a man down. 

Sounds like: Dua Lipa or a modern Annie Lennox. Sarah X. Miracle's distinct, husky vocals power through the understated pop production, an honest expression of courage and female empowerment.

Sarah X. cites her close friend's experiences as an inspiration for the track. "I hope this song helps young women say what they often feel they can't say: 'don't say you love me' and that they will dare to say no... and give the guy a chance to exit before he can say ‘she’s leading me on’!" on Spotify

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