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What To Watch, Eat, And Try This Weekend (June 12-14)

‘Tis the season for rice dumplings, virtual graduations, and the King of Fruits. Here’s what to do (online) this weekend!

SHOP: Shilin Night Market

We were totally bummed when the much-anticipated Singapore edition of Taipei’s Shilin Night Market had to be scaled down, due to COVID-19-related concerns. And while we probably won’t be flying to Taiwan anytime soon, we’re happy to report that the Shilin Night Market will be returning in digital form over this weekend and next! The online version will showcase Taiwanese and regional F&B, along with retailers, like Playmade, Yin Zhun Handmade Soap, Taiwan Waffle, and more.

Find out more about the food, performances, shopping, and more

JOIN: Wan Qing Dumpling Fest

We won’t be watching any races at this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, but if you’d like to celebrate it with your kids, nieces, or nephews, then head over to the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall’s online Wan Qing Dumpling Festival, where you can partake in fun digital activities like a “Catch The Rice Dumpling” game and a “What Type Of Dumpling Are You?” quiz.

Find out more here

JOIN: The Virtual Conscious Festival

Let’s not forget the importance of saving the planet amidst all the crises happening around us. At Green Is The New Black’s Virtual Conscious Festival, you can shop from over 70 conscious brands and retailers, attend panels discussing how different business sectors can adjust their practices to be more earth-friendly, and sign up for workshops that will teach you how to live for sustainably.  

Find out more here


Durian season is now upon us, and thankfully, there are tons of places that will deliver them straight to your doorstep. Check out Ah Seng Durian for premium varities like Golden Phoenix, or Jojo Durian for a D24 set that includes (much-needed) coconut water. Durian Kingdom is also running a contest giveaway for durian popsicles. Or if you’d like to make your own durian treats at home (hello, cream puffs), check out 99 Old Trees for durian pulp.

WATCH: Celebrity-driven graduation speeches on YouTube

Not being able to graduate in person with the rest of your cohort feels quite sian. So if you need a little inspiration – especially if you’re from the Class of 2020 – then check out all the celebrity graduation speeches on YouTube.

Click here to hear from the Obamas, Beyonce, BTS, and more. 

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