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What To Watch, Listen To, And Try This Weekend (April 3 - 5)

Are you bored out of your mind at home? Don’t be. Here’s what you could do indoors this weekend while practicing safe distancing:

Miss having movie nights?

TRY: Netflix Party

Why yes, it is possible to do movie nights with friends even when you can't visit each other. This nifty Chrome extension will not only sync your video when you’re watching something together, but it inserts a chat window adjacent to the video so that you and your friends can talk about the show while it is playing. Plus, every session generates a unique URL so you can easily send it to whoever you want to “jio”.

Okay, that's cool, but what should we watch?

WATCH: Tiger King

Speaking of Netflix, their latest documentary is a WILD ride – literally. The seven-part series follows a group of exotic animal collectors as they engage in murder, polygamy, and all sorts of mayhem. It’s a hot mess, but we can’t stop watching, and neither will you.

Available on Netflix

What about something a little more soothing, or er, family-friendly? 

Stream the Northern Lights from your home

It’s safe to say that it’ll be awhile before any of us here in Singapore will be able to catch the Northern Lights in person. For now, the best we can do is to check them out at, which has partnered with Polar Bears International to stream them live from Churchill, Manitoba, in Canada. While you’re waiting for the lights to appear, you can also catch live cams of eagles, lions, gorillas, and more on their streaming page.

Watch it at

For a classy evening…

Watch a concert from the comfort of your home

Live performances might be on the backburner for now, but that hasn’t silenced the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO). So pop out a couple glasses of wine, settle down on the couch, and tune in this Saturday at 7:30 pm for a celebration of Mahler, and of Lan Shui, SSO’s former music director (recorded in January 2019, and released for the first time to the public).

Watch it here on April 4, 7:30 pm

Need something to do while cooking dinner and ironing the clothes?

LISTEN TO: Randomly Relatable SG

Chores are a drag, but if you’re anything like us, you’re doing them a lot more of them these days. So make the time pass faster by tuning into Singapore’s number one youth podcast, where hosts Shuraim, Uwais, and Sabrina invite guests to discuss topics like the awkwardness of inviting a significant other to a "lepak" session and how much one can earn selling tissue packets.

Updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 pm on Spotify

That's it for now, everyone! Enjoy your weekend and remember to practice safe distancing.

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