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Which Anime Character Are You: Singapore Edition

Have you ever watched an anime and thought to yourself: “That character is just like me!” That’s what we thought, too - but unlike the usual quizzes online, we decided to pair the anime characters with quintessential Singaporean personalities.

Read on to find out if you’re secretly twins with your favourite anime character!


Your Uniquely SG trait: Kiasu
You are: Orochimaru

Are you one of those who runs to chope an empty table? Willing to queue overnight for the latest Apple product? Green with envy when you scroll through your friend’s holiday Instagram feed? These are known symptoms of kiasu-ness, like how major "Naruto" villain, Orochimaru will do anything to achieve his goals. Just don’t be twisted and evil like Orochimaru – follow the Singapore Kindness Movement instead!

Your Uniquely SG trait: Tam jiak
You are: Choji Akimichi
(above) or Monkey D. Luffy or Toriko

If your life philosophy is “food is bae” and your Instagram feed is 99.99% filled with food photos, then your alter ego is a glutton like Choji Akimichi from "Naruto". He’s always spotted with food, his attire has the kanji word for “food” across his chest, and all his powers revolve around converting calories to expand his size. Plenty of other anime characters do practice the “live to eat” mantra, like Monkey D. Luffy from "One Piece" who will spend all his money on meat, and the gourmet hunter Toriko from "Toriko" whose job is to eat (dream job for all foodies out there). 


Your Uniquely SG trait: Lobang King/Queen
You are: Nami

You must have earned this prized moniker after enthusiastically sending one (too many) deals / promotions / discounts to your WhatsApp groups. Saving money to make more money is your ultimate goal in life. You are probably the real-life version of Nami from "One Piece", who’s practically obsessed with making more cash and hates it when her crew mates waste money or passes up a great opportunity to make a quick buck.


Your Uniquely SG trait: Cheem AF
You are: Light Yagami
(above) or Lelouch Lamperouge

If you are one of those who can hold an “intellectually-stimulating” conversation with your Tinder date (sapiosexuals, anyone?) or can talk about macroeconomic policies and world health issues without batting an eyelid (in b4 Jamus Lim), congratulations, you are just like Light Yagami, the genius protagonist from "Death Note" or the mastermind Lelouch Lamperouge from "Code Geass". Both can talk deep topics that are so cheem you’d be so lost, but we hope you’re not like them when it comes to being manipulative and selling out others for the “greater good”.

Your Uniquely SG trait: Blur like sotong
You are: Osaka
(above left)

Still have memories of getting yelled at by your BMT sergeant because you forgot something? Ever left the house only to discover you forgot to bring your wallet? (Goodbye, cai png). Maybe you’re the type to dream in class while staring at nothing. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one out there. Ayumu Kasuga, better known as Osaka from "Azumanga Daioh", is the perfect anime version of yourself. The self-proclaimed "great queen of forgetfulness" can always be found blur like sotong, daydreaming about nonsense – like floating talking orange cats.

Your Uniquely SG trait: Kao peh kao bu
You are: Zenitsu

Right now, you’re probably complaining in your head about how longgg this article is (and why is it so hard to find your anime character). If you’re the type to rant whenever something doesn’t seem to go your way, we found you your anime twin! Zenitsu from "Demon Slayer" complains about everything under the sun, but maybe that’s because nothing seems to be going his way in a life fighting demons.


Your Uniquely SG trait: Steady pom pi pi
You are: Izuku Midoriyama
(above) or Tanjiro

The true hero that everyone needs but don’t deserve. The first to RSVP to friend outings and sticks to it. The friend who is willing to go out on an impromptu supper session to listen to one’s heartbreak stories (even if it’s the 1000th one). You’re just like the lead of a popular shounen anime like Izuku Midoriyama from "My Hero Academia" and Tanjiro from "Kimetsu no Yaiba", heroes that will do anything for their friends and stand by their side through thick and thin.

Your Uniquely SG trait: Kaypoh
You are: Hana Uzaki

You can rattle off stories about everyone’s love life in your circle of friends without catching your breath, or you know everything your neighbours are doing. Perhaps you’re like Hana Uzaki from "Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out"! She’s super nosy about what her senior Shinichi Sakurai is doing and stalks him all the time, but with a pure heart to help him have fun.

Your Uniquely SG trait: Chill
You are: Soma Yukihara

What’s that? Do these unicorns exist? If your catchphrase in life is “relak lah, bro”, you must belong in the 0.0001%. The opposite of almost everything that is the stereotypical Singaporean, you take life as it goes, one step at a time. Not being able to withdraw everything from your CPF at age 55 doesn’t faze you. You’re just like Soma Yukihara from "Food Wars", who’s so nonchalant about everything that it rubs off on his friends. Not even the zai chefs of the Elite Ten intimidate this mighty cook. We’re all for this chill life, but don’t remember to chiong during crucial moments in your life like how Soma gives his all in his food wars.

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