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15 Stress-Free Tricks To Surviving Your Child’s First Haircut

Depending on how hirsute your kid is, you could be popping him or her into the hair salon seat as young as eight months. But at this age, children will not understand the need for a haircut. And why should they – when it simply means a giant pair of scary, snipping scissors descending upon their little heads? So, here’s how to turn that first salon visit into something less hair-raising.

1. Choose the right salon

Ask fellow parents for their recommendations and suss out salons that have kiddie concepts – your posh Orchard Road salon may know how to do your blow-out just the way you like but it may not be the best place for bawling babies – which means fun seats shaped like toy plane rides and kid-friendly stylists who don’t have a personal vendetta against anyone below the age of one.

2. Visit the salon once before the actual haircut

Yes, do a quick recce with your child even before an appointment. This is to make Junior feel a little more familiar with the environment.

3. Try a hair trim at home first

We aren’t asking you to role play as David Gan in your living room. Maybe trim a little fringe or hair ends off your kid to prep him or her for the real salon visit ahead.

4. Describe the experience

This will work better with older children. Tell them what they can expect at the salon.

5. Avoid using the word “cut”

Once again, this will work on older children with a more expansive vocabulary. Safe words include “trim” and “style”.

6. Use nicknames

Child experts frown upon the use of baby talk but let’s face it, calling the blow-dryer “Mr Wind” or the scissors “Snip Snip Friend” will make the salon visit less daunting for a two-year-old.

7. Bring snacks, a favourite toy or even an older sibling

They will help to comfort and distract the little one. Unless the older sibling has a thing for scaring the younger one.

8. Keep the visit short

Find a good hairstylist who’s quick on the job so that the ordeal doesn’t drag on and on for your toddler.

9. Use a timer

This will help the child visualise that the session is actually shorter and less painful than he or she imagined.

10. Get a haircut too

If you are heading to a salon that serves both adults and young children, try to have your hair done too so that your kid can see that you’re in it with him or her.

11. Make your kid feel comfortable

Bring a change of clothing so that your child won’t have to suffer prickly hair bits down the neck and back. Not happy wearing the salon cape? Bring an extra towel from home instead.

12. Praise your child

Yes, even after a meltdown. Say something like “you did a really good job sitting for 15 minutes”.

13. And then compliment him or her

Love how your colleagues rave about your new hair colour or perm? Your two-year-old will fancy a bit of ego boosting too.

14. Stick to the same salon or even better, stylist

Routine, routine, routine.

15. Reward your kid

After the salon visit, take him or her to the playground or onto a kiddy ride. This helps to associate the salon with pleasant memories.

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