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Image: Nick Chee

School Holiday Fun: DIY Fluffy Pom Poms In 5 Minutes

Nothing adds fun and cheer to craft projects like fluffy pom-poms, and if you’re game, we’re going to let you in on a surprisingly simple way to make them.

Why pom poms? Versatile and fun to make, pom poms can be used in a myriad of ways, adding colour and texture wherever they go. Glue on googly eyes and they become little “critters.” Make a themed pom pom garland for the holidays or your baby’s nursery. For animal crafts such as a sock bunny, a pom pom tail ups the cuteness. When wrapping presents, a homemade pom pom gift topper will add that special touch.

Kids will get a kick out of winding colourful yarn and snipping away to get the perfect pom pom. Bonus: We’ve also included steps at the end for a DIY pom pom door hanging, a charming detail for your home.

For a DIY pom pom, you’ll need:

·      Yarn, any colour(s) of your choice
·      A fork
·      Sharp scissors

1. Cut a piece of yarn (at least 10cm) and place it horizontally between the fork’s middle prongs.

2. Wrap a new piece of yarn around the fork many times until it resembles a really fat cocoon. The thicker you wrap the yarn, the fluffier your pom pom will be. Tip: To make a multi-coloured pom pom, choose two or more yarn colours to your liking and tie the ends together before wrapping them around the fork.

3. Once you’re done wrapping, take hold of the ends of your 10cm yarn (from Step 1), and slide all the wrapped yarn off the fork, keeping its shape. Tie the 10cm piece tightly around the centre of your yarn bundle.

4. Cut the yarn loops and give them a good shake. Your pom pom may look shaggy, uneven and floppy, but that will be fixed later.

5. Trim off the excess yarn to make the pom pom as round as you can. Now you’ve successfully made your own fluffy pom pom!  


To make a pom pom door hanging, you’ll need:

·      Yarn, any colour(s) of your choice
·      Sharp scissors
·      A cardboard rectangle (base the size on how long you’d like your tassel to be)
·      A large eye needle (if possible, use a tapestry or embroidery needle)  

1. Make four pom poms per the steps above, using the colours of your choice.

2. To make the tassel, loop yarn around a cardboard rectangle until you achieve desired fullness. Gently slide the yarn off, maintaining its shape.

Take a different coloured yarn, and wrap it around the tassel snugly about 10 times to form the “tassel neck”, then tie a knot. Cut the looped ends of the yarn and trim evenly.

3. String the pom poms and tassel together by threading yarn through a large eye needle. (Use string instead of yarn if the eye of your needle isn’t big enough). Then push the needle through the tassel first, followed by the pom poms. Leave enough yarn at the top for the handle and tie a knot. 


That’s it – you’re done. Now find a door handle to hang this beauty on!

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