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Try these hands-on activities to entertain your kids without leaving the house. IMAGES: NICK CHEE

School Holiday Fun: Indoor Activities That Will Delight Your Kids

Bad weather keeping you and your kids indoors? Not to worry. There's plenty of fun projects you and your kids can try together to keep them entertained.


5 Ways To Keep The Kids Busy Without Using An IPad

If you're worried about giving your kids too much screentime, check out these suggestions for other fun things to do with them, from art activities to DIY projects, baking, and more.


School Holiday Fun: DIY Sparkly Unicorn Dreamcatcher

This hands-on craft activity not only encourages kids to exercise their creative juices and fine motor skills, it's also easy to make, requiring minimal adult supervision.


Here's How To Make Your Own Hair Bow Clip

Take your pick, from colourful velvet and satin to silk and cotton, and get started on making this timeless accessory that's both adorable and practical.


Stay Home, Stay Safe, Have Fun: Make Doughnut Charms

These adorable (and tasty-looking!) doughnut charms are easy to make, and can be used for keychains, necklaces, decorations and more.


School Holiday Fun: Create A Jellyfish Salt Painting

Combine art exploration with bubbles in this fun sensory activity, where your kids will use bubble mix to create a background and top it off with a rainbow jellyfish salt painting. It's art and science at the same time!


5 Cool Kitchen Pantry Science Experiments To Keep The Kids Entertained

If your kids are budding young scientists, these neat hands-on experiments will thrill them. All you need are some common household supplies and a few mason jars.

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