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Photo: Nick Chee

School Holiday Fun: DIY Sparkly Unicorn Dreamcatcher

If you’re looking for rainy day activities for kids, try this DIY unicorn dreamcatcher. With minimal adult supervision, it’s a hands-on craft that encourages children to exercise their creativity and fine motor skills, and the result is simply adorable. Oh, and if your kid happens to be unicorn-obsessed already, then this is the answer to their sparkly unicorn dreams. 

PHOTO: Nick Chee

You’ll need:
·      1 plastic plate
·      1 spool of purple ribbon
·      Pastel pink, green, hot pink, yellow, and blue yarn
·      Black and white construction paper
·      Gold foam sheet
·      Pink and yellow felt
·      Optional: Assorted beads (make sure the holes are big enough to string the yarn) 
·      Glue (clear or white)
·      Hot glue gun
·      Scissors

1. Make the dreamcatcher hoop

Cut out a circle from the plastic plate to make the hoop shape. (Optional: Trace a cardboard circle template to create a perfect circle.)

Wrap purple ribbon around the whole plastic hoop, securing the ends with glue. Let it dry.

2. Create the web

First, tie one end of a piece of yarn to the hoop. To create the web, loop the yarn all around the hoop and across the centre as many times as you want in a design of your liking. Refrain from pulling the yarn too hard as it may warp the plastic hoop. Once you’re done with the web, secure the end of the yarn with a double-knot.

3. Create the unicorn mane (hanging yarn strands)

Take five to six strands (more if you want thicker bundles) of yarn per colour: pastel pink, green, hot pink, yellow, blue.

Fold each bundle of yarn in half and tie them onto the hoop (pulling the yarn through the hoop like a luggage tag). Do this one colour at a time for a rainbow effect.

4. Draw, cut out and glue on the eyes, ears and unicorn horn

Draw the eyes on black construction paper, then cut and glue them on the dreamcatcher web. Use white construction paper for the ears and glue them on the hoop.

On the gold foam sheet, draw the outline of a unicorn horn. It’s basically just a cone with bumpy lines. Cut it out and use a hot glue gun to affix it on the hoop.  

PHOTO: Nick Chee

5. Make felt flowers

Cut one pink felt circle and two yellow felt circles. Then cut each felt circle into a spiral. Beginning in the outer end, wrap the felt around to form the flower and glue the end in place. Affix the three felt flowers onto the top of the unicorn’s head with a hot glue gun.

6. Decorate the unicorn mane

Time for the hair accessories! This step is optional as your unicorn is more or less complete at this point, but a little bling goes a long way, so go ahead and add pretty beads to give the unicorn mane some pizzazz.

7. Hang it up

Tie two ends of a piece of yarn to the hoop and hang it up. Here’s to sweet dreams with heaps of rainbows and unicorn magic!

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