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8 Fun Social Distancing Games And Activities To Keep The Little Ones Entertained

Social distancing is hard enough for adults, let alone for little kids. But that doesn’t mean that getting them through this phase of keeping their distance needs to be stressful or boring.

Check out these fun activities to keep them entertained and you, sane:

1. Go on a nature walk

Yes, loitering outdoors pointlessly is still not a great idea right now, but don’t forget that exercise and physical activity is important too for physical and mental health. Take the kids on a nature walk in a park close to you or maybe to the Botanic Gardens for a little scenic education. Go early and you’ve got a good chance of avoiding the heat while managing to do social distancing.

2. Outdoor science experiments

Depending on the age of your little one, pick an age-appropriate experiment to keep him entertained. It could be something as simple and safe as a lava lamp or a baking soda volcano, and it’s still heaps of fun with all the bubbles and fizzing. Check out our recommendations on some fun science experiment ideas here.


3. Have a cupcake party

Did you know that apart from being a great way to bond with kids, baking can be educational for them? It’s a great way to help them develop their fine motor neurone skills, and also give them an excuse to follow directions, measure ingredients properly and practice reading. Set up the kitchen like a conveyor belt system, ensuring adequate space between each child (and station) and let the cupcake making assembly line begin. Adults only in charge of the oven.

4. Freeze dance party

Every child loves this game and it’s still easy to do with the social distancing. Mark out adequately spaced boundaries, play music, and when the music stops, the children freeze. First person to move is out and the last one standing is the winner.

5. Interactive story time

Can’t travel to see the world, so bring the world to your child instead. Now that we’re allowed five visitors, make a play out of your child’s favourite book. Assign each child a character in the book and have them act out the lines, rather than just reading them and let their imaginations go wild. They might even change the ending of the book while acting it out.


6. Outdoor art party

Paint, crayons, chalk – everything you need for an awesome outdoor art party. Chalk out the ‘working space’ for each child and then let them unleash their creativity within that space.

7. Have an egg-spoon race

Get the kids outdoors, armed with a hard boiled or raw egg, and a wooden spoon large enough to carry it. Space the kids out and mark the start and finish lines of the race. First person to reach the finish line without dropping their egg is the winner.

8. Yoga

Yoga is great for even the smallest of kids as it helps increase strength, flexibility, and coordination. Roll out some mats and follow a YouTube tutorial at home or under a shady tree in the park.

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