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Venture Out Of Your Infant's Playroom With These 8 Indoor Play Areas For Babies

Finding safe, indoor play areas for babies used to be somewhat challenging a couple of years ago, with most play facilities catering only to toddlers and older children. But now, take your pick from specially designed indoor play areas especially for babies, so that they can get some much needed tummy time as they stretch and explore new activities outside the home.

Check out these fun spots to explore for your little bundle of joy:

Waka Waka

While the older siblings are well entertained at Waka Waka’s gigantic safari-themed playground, their Toddler Area is perfect for little ones below 18 months, an ideal and safe play zone for young ones to explore in a fun-sized environment. What can you expect for your baby? Colourful ball pits, sensory play areas with interactive wall panels, fun mini slides, padded seesaws, a soft bouncing pad, stacking lightweight blocks and having a toddlers-only bouncy castle just for them!

Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Toa Payoh

Kidz Amaze needs no introduction thanks to its hugely popular gigantic jungle gym. But did you know that their soft play area for infants and toddlers has been specially designed by early childhood experts to develop baby’s gross motor skills? It’s a great time to be a baby!

Little Bear’s House

Aimed specifically for children under seven, the holistic development-encourager Little Bear’s House in tranquil Serangoon Gardens is different from other indoor play areas because of their range of specially selected toys, all of which have been chosen to encourage exploration, playfulness and inventiveness in young tots. And the toys are rotated regularly to keep your baby stimulated and exposed to new things.


Already famous for its 10 metre high wave slide, Amazonia’s toddler soft-play area self-contained is separated from the larger children's area, so you know your baby will be safe at all times. The dedicated, padded toddler play area offers a mini slide, ball pit, interactive play panels, and swings, perfect for helping younger ones gain confidence in their physical capabilities as they play and explore.

Joy of Toys

With a seperate Main Play Space suitable for preschoolers and school-aged children, Joys of Toys Toddler Play Space is dedicated for crawling babies and toddlers learning to walk. Parents can expect a safe and scaled down version of the Main Play Space, with age-appropriate toys, to provide a good balance between open-ended play (include miniature play, doll play and food play to encourage pretend and role play), and structured play (construction, developmental toys, etc).

Pororo Park Singapore

Not only is entry free for babies under a year, but Pororo Park’s Toddler Area is perfect for little ones aged between 1 to 6 years old. Situated right next to the café, the toddler play area is fully padded and filled with toys and even a tiny slide for them!

Note: Pororo Park will temporarily close from 8 May onward to touch up its facilities, so go while you can! If you can't make it there in time, you can visit its sister park, Tayo Station, a bus-themed indoor playground n E!Hub in Pasir Ris. Their Petite Tayo play gym is catered to children between the ages of 1 and 4!

Rocking Horse Playhouse

Founded by two moms who understand how important a safe play area for babies is, Rocking Horse Playhouse in Horse City also doubles up as the perfect place for parents to bond or take a break while bubba plays and explores his new environment. Their specially designed Baby section is a safe space for babies to crawl and explore toys, complete with beanbag sofas, and even a separate breastfeeding room (although breastfeeding is welcome in all spaces). Parents can also sign their babies up for the weekly Montessori Guided Playgroup (ideal for babies aged 3-12 mths), to introduce baby to Montessori concepts.

The Polliwogs

Best known for their uber-fun birthday parties, The Polliwogs have structures and equipment most suited for children 4 years old and below, as well as the Poco Toddler Zone, a safe and dedicated play area specially tailored to toddlers only!

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