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Are Idiots Making Their Pets Wear Masks Because Of COVID-19? Seriously?

Let me preface my rant by saying that here at, we pride ourselves in producing stories that capture the wonder of this little island we call home.

Even with all the bad news that’s going around in this world, we make it a point to be agents of peace on this Little Red Dot.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), we’ve seen the ugly and downright disgraceful side of the human race here in Singapore. It’s sibei lao kui, and we refuse to give even more airtime to ugly Singaporeans’ bad behaviour.

We’ve chosen instead to highlight the triumph of the human spirit. 

ICYMI, here are some examples:

- Our salute to the Singapore spiritL One United People: Singaporeans Stand Together Against Wuhan Coronavirus

- Our salute to good samaritans: In Singapore, Everyday Heroes Perform Acts Of Kindness During Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

- Our salute to healthcare and front line workers: This Is What It Means To Be Singaporean, This Is Who We Are

But then, something happened this evening after dinner.

A colleague sent me a post by SPCA Singapore on Facebook pleading with pet owners not to make their pets wear masks:

DON’T MAKE PETS WEAR MASKS (COVID-19 ADVISORY) \ud83d\ude45\ud83d\ude37 As we battle the COVID-19 outbreak, concerned pet owners might be...

Posted by SPCA Singapore on Thursday, 13 February 2020


In the post, SPCA highlights that:

“On top of possibly causing significant discomfort, obscuring an animal’s mouth with a mask will hinder the animal from dispelling heat and could cause a serious heat injury."

Why?! Why does SPCA even need to highlight something so ridiculous?

Or Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group? They too had a post on Facebook, highlighting the World Health Organization’s statement that “there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can be infected by the new coronavirus”. 

Stay informed. \ud83d\ude37 And please *do not* put surgical face masks on our animal friends, especially old and flat-faced dogs...

Posted by Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group on Friday, 31 January 2020


(You can read other myths that WHO debunks in “Myths About The Novel Coronavirus (No, Eating Garlic Won't Protect You)”. 

You think putting a mask on your dog or cat is very cute is it? Very funny is it? Will make you get more likes and comments on your Instagram is it? (To be fair, nobody in Singapore has been accused of doing this. And we hope it stays that way.)

Furkids deserves more respect and dignity.

Why degrade them when they could actually save your life? Yes, didn’t you know that a pet canine may be beneficial to lowering the cardiovascular risk in its owners? Read all about it in “How Your Pet Pooch Improves Your Heart Health”.

As Singaporeans, as human beings, as parents to furkids, we know better. We should know better.

Don’t give people a chance to perpetuate the disgusting identity of the “ugly Singaporean”.

Freakin angry sial.

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