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Learn to cook and bake with your kids (so you can take a kitchen break – finally!) PHOTO: 123RF

International Day Of Families: Bake, Cook And Bond With These Yummy Classes

Always wondered whether those kids on MasterChef Junior are for real?

We mean, even you don’t know what julienne, blanch and roux are – don’t bluff, you thought that they were hooman names until Google told you otherwise.

Now, imagine if your little ones could become little cooks too and relieve you of your meal prep duties so that by the time you are done binge-watching Ozark, “dinner is ready!” – and it’s not just frozen pizza or instant ramen.

Sounds like a plan? Send the little ones and yourself to these classes and bond over making apple pie, satay and prawn paste chicken.

Palate Sensations

The “Parent and Child” classes at Palate Sensations will have you and Junior whipping up anything from brownies and muffins to apple pie and pizza. Lessons take about two hours in general – well, at least you won’t need to nag at your little one for making a mess of your kitchen at home. We like the thoughtful disclaimer on how you can either send a parent-child pair or two kids over.

For more hiong culinary classes, there are four-session bootcamps for kids of all ages – though those below the age of seven must be accompanied by a parent – where your spawn will learn to make, whoa, cheem stuff like chicken satay, choux puffs and Shepherd’s Pie.

ToTT Store

If your atas child always snubs the humble Swiss rolls that you buy for breakfast from the HDB confectionery “downstairs”, he definitely won’t be doing so when he sees the kind of cakes and pastries that you will get to make in the ToTT Junior Chef classes.

Because we are talking about Rainbow Chiffon Cake, Molten Lava Cake, Mermaid Buttercream Cake, Butterfly Unicorn Buttercream Cake and a very magical sounding Fairy Tree Stump Buttercream Cake.

These popular classes sell out fast though and admit one parent-child pair. You will get to learn techniques like piping, frosting and even fondant modelling. So the next time anyone’s birthday comes around in the fam, no need to go to Bengawan Solo liao.

The Little Things

The motto at The Little Things is about making little kids self-savvy by teaching them to cook. And children as young as two can make pizza, nuggets, cupcakes and more with an accompanying parent in ad-hoc workshops.

The older ones aged four and above can take part in the Weekly Self-Savvy Programme which teaches them everything from meal planning to dining etiquette – in a real kitchen setting – and of course, cooking hardcore dishes like cereal chicken, butter prawn, prawn paste chicken and Yangzhou fried rice. It’s like Home Econs came early but make it Zichar Edition, please.

Little Cookhouse

If you know of other parents who can’t wait to leave their offspring somewhere for one and a half hours, gather three to five kids and book a private baking session with Little Cookhouse, which is a home studio. Participants must be at least three years old and those below the age of six must be accompanied by an adult.

While the menu is not fixed, expect the children to make cookies, cupcakes, cake pops and whole cakes. To continue the fun (or mayhem) at home, you can even order their baking kits online and these will have your child (or, more likely, you) churning out anything from teddy bear-shaped buns to ondeh ondeh.

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