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Musician dads like Shabir, ALYPH and Goh Mingwei (from MICappella) are killing it both in the parenting game as well as in the charts. Photos: Instagram/@shabirmusic, @alyphland and @gohmingwei

Spotify Spotlight: These Local Musician Dads Are Lit

Juggling parenthood and career is never easy, regardless of profession. But when you're in the music industry where it's a non-stop hustle, and success is not guaranteed, parenting becomes a whole other ball game.

These musician dads, however, have made the transition to fatherhood as smooth as their irresistible vocals. Ahead of Father's Day (20 Jun), we pay tribute to these artistes who are absolute #dadgoals.


ALYPH is not only a household name in the Malay music industry but he is also one of the most sought after hitmakers in Southeast Asia. His collaboration with Malaysian rap group K-Clique has garnered a whoppping 52 million views on YouTube while his latest solo single "Adakah Kau Mendengar" ("Are You Listening") has hit almost a million Spotify streams since it's release.

The fact that the 31-year-old rapper, producer and songwriter accomplished so much while raising two young kiddos (the younger one was born last year) makes it even more admirable.

Now based in Kuala Lumpur, ALYPH regularly shuttles back and forth across the border for work while his family lives here. He makes no bones about how tough it is to be away from his wife and kids but credits their faith and support for keeping him going.

Goh Mingwei - MICappella

As a member of rock-pop vocal band MICappella, Mingwei has performed everywhere around the world and achieved much success with the sextet, whether it's being runner-up in the Chinese version of "The Sing-Off" or touring Europe, Australia and the US. Most recently, they had a sold out concert at Marina Bay Sands to showcase new material from an upcoming EP.

But Mingwei would argue that the most life-changing thing he's ever experienced is becoming a father to his two young girls. In an Instagram post, he wrote that fatherhood has taught him "love, joy and [the] meaning of living". Aww.


With his dashing good looks and Bollywood-hero aura, you might assume that Tamil star and producer Shabir is still a bachelor. But the 35-year-old is actually a father of two grown daughters, with his elder one just entering secondary school!

He told us that being a young dad is challenging but also hugely rewarding. Check out our recent piece on how this superhero-dad and his team held a fundraising campaign called "WeEat" to support our hawkers and migrant worker friends. on Spotify

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