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During CB, Shelter Animals How Ah? And How To Help?

Even as frontliners fight to keep the virus at bay, and essential workers help keep Singapore (and Singaporeans) moving, what’s happening to the animals at local shelters? Here are some ways you can do your part to help our furry friends.

1. Animal Lovers League

What is it: Singapore’s largest animal shelter is home to over 500 dogs and cats, a registered charity, and a strictly no-kill shelter.

How can we help:
• A kind donation
• Sponsor an animal
• Volunteer
• Shop with a cause
• Food donations (click on the picture above for full details on what food the ALL cats and dogs need. The animals are counting on you!

For more information: Visit their website, Facebook and Instagram.

2. Hope Dog Rescue

What is it: A Singapore-based group of dog lovers who believe dogs should be treated with love and respect. This non-profit rescue organisation has been hit with high boarding fees especially since the Circuit Breaker measurements were put in place. Like many welfare groups, they have not been able to meet potential foster families or adopters for their dogs.

How can we help?
• A kind donation
• Volunteer with them (stray-feeding sessions, cooking for rescue dogs, accompanying dogs to the vet, photography, writing, poster designs, awareness and outreach)
• Purchase their special book titled “Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog”. This book was written by the Founder of Hope Dog Rescue, Fiona Foo, who wanted to “share and hopefully change mind-sets on what a rescue dog can achieve, given the love, support and opportunities”.

For more information: Visit their website, Facebook and Instagram.

3. Uncle Khoe’s K9 Shelter

What is it: Uncle Khoe (a retiree) has a huge heart for feeding strays and, together with a group of like-minded volunteers, set up Uncle Khoe’s K9 Shelter. Uncle Khoe is as dedicated as can be, and has said: “Until I can no longer walk, I will feed as many as I can, help as many as I can, one at a time.” This is a man who is kind and compassionate and hopefully his unwavering promise to these stray dogs will inspire you to give a little, in any way you can.

How can we help?
• Purchase an item from their shop
• A kind donation
• Volunteering after the Circuit Breaker
• Help educate

For more information: Visit their website, Facebook and Instagram.

4. Voices for Animals

What is it: This organisation rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes retired breeding dogs. You know, all the cute little puppies that you see at pet stores? Well, this is where they get their genes from! VFA’s dogs are mostly aged 5 and above. They hold monthly adoption drives at Turf City, but because of this Circuit Breaker, they have not been able to do so. VFA and Pets Club are currently working on a project to help street cats and dogs.

How can we help?

• Buy face masks! For every box (50 pcs) of surgical masks bought, 2kg of dog/cat food will be donated to VFA and Pets Club.

For more information: Visit their donation site, Facebook and Instagram.

5. The House Rabbit Society of Singapore

What is it: HRSS does not run a shelter but relies on its foster parent network to support rehoming and rescue efforts. This, however, does not mean that the Circuit Breaker was any easier for them. Their adoption drives, home-visits for potential adopters and foresters, as well as their house-call grooming services were put on hold. The house-call grooming services, which are carried out by the volunteers of the HRSS, is a vital source of donation to help other rabbits.

How can we help?
• A kind donation  
• Adopt, foster, volunteer or help educate. The HRSS believes that "If you can’t help everybunny, everyone can help somebunny" and you can do so by adopting, fostering, volunteering, or helping to educate.

For more information: Visit their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Ace is ready for Adoption! - Male - Approximately 2-3 years old - White ND local mix Ace is a playful bunny that...

Posted by Bunny Binkies Club on Tuesday, 26 May 2020

6. Bunny Binkies Club

What is it: Previously known as Compassvale 15, this rescue group started when they had a mission to rescue 15 sick rabbits cramped in a tiny master bedroom in Compassvale. They have now made it their personal mission to rescue rabbits in need or in bad situations in Singapore, just like how they helped rescue a few abandonment cases since the Circuit Breaker started.

How can we help?
• A kind donation
• Adopt or foster

For more information or to adopt: Visit their Facebook.

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