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Stay Home Jiak Simi? Refer To Masterchef SG Contestant's Survival Cookbook On IG

Tired of eating the same old instant noodles everyday during COVID-19 circuit breaker? Why not check out Masterchef SG contestant Aaron Wong's "Stay Home Survival Cookbook"? Comprising a series of recipes Wong has been posting on his Instagram, this impromptu cookbook features dishes that are both tasty yet easy to make.

1. Kimchi curry noodles

Highlighted tip: " a slice of cheese on top and char it with a torch. Finish off with your charred kimchi by the side. The heat from the soup will soften the cheese, par cook the egg and make everything into this messy heaven."

2. Smoky zi char fried rice

Highlighted tip: "...Heat up a non stick pan with some oil until it starts to smoke. Then throw your egg whites in for a very fast cook... Most folks make the mistake of not having enough heat and cooking too long. So you have to make sure it is rocket hot."

3. Juicy sardines with tomato sauce

Highlighted tip: "Chop up 1 large onion and heat up pan with some oil. Get it really hot so you can get some char within the first few seconds, then drop the heat, pour in the tomato sauce along with 2 tablespoon of ketchup and a dash of fish sauce... Then let it sweat out, soften and slowly reduce."

4. Springy dry instant noodles

Highlighted tip: "throw in your noodles and mix well before you turn up the heat to medium high. The reason for this is so you have time to fully coat each noodle evenly while it is wet."

5. Perfect, soft Japanese ramen eggs

Highlighted tip: "...get a large safety pin and make a small hole at the base of each egg. This will let the air out as it cooks. Yes air, especially if your eggs are a little older... It also helps prevent your eggs from cracking as it cooks and makes shell peeling a lot easier."

Looks delicious, doesn't it? Aside from being a talented cook, Wong is also a commercial photographer (hence why his pictures look so amazing) and an avid diver. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous underwater shots!

Speaking of marine life, did you know he was also the photographer who started the FINished with FINS campaign to raise awareness about shark conservation and the cruelty of shark finning?

Now, this - and all the yummy recipes above - we'll definitely say YES to.

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