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The Zi Char Dish That Goes Best With Your Star Sign

Your sign: Aquarius
Your dish: Chilli crab

The messier a dish is, the more you like to get your hands all dirty and sticky. And no need to use a dainty little seafood pick to get to that elusive flesh in all those crab legs. You like to dig in with your fingers (or fingernails), quite literally.

Your sign: Pisces
Your dish: Drunken prawns

You are always there for a friend who needs help with peeling a prawn. In fact, you are always so busy getting your fingers briny for others that you forget to have any for yourself.

Your sign: Aries
Your dish: Claypot tofu with vegetables and seafood

You get bored with anything that’s too one-dimensional (hello, fried kai lan with minced garlic) yet you get impatient with anything that needs too much time and effort (so your prawns are always peeled by a Pisces at the table).

Your sign: Taurus
Your dish: Salted egg yolk and butter pork ribs

You like your food tactile and sensual. And nothing comes close to shucking on a gravy-infused bone of juicy meat while oily, golden, salty yolk-studded trails of melted butter drip down your chin.

Your sign: Gemini
Your dish: Yam ring

You like contrasts and you can never take sides. A yam ring calls out to you because it offers a juxtaposition of something mushy, something fried.

Your sign: Cancer
Your dish: Anything that you ate as a child, though “mum’s version is always much better”

You are a sensitive, sentimental homebody who keeps talking about how your mother makes such awesome sweet and sour pork and egg drop soup. If you dine out, you always have the retro childhood dishes that you grew up on. So, it’s only credible roast chicken if it comes with pastel wafer roses and a heap of prawn crackers.

Your sign: Leo
Your dish: Fish head steamboat

Or any kind of communal dish that requires your fellow diners and you to cook, double dip and fish around as a pack. You like unity, you like community spirit.

Your sign: Virgo
Your dish: Any kind of stir-fried vegetables

You love healthy food and because you are generally kiasu about most things in life, you do not trust anything suspicious-looking – read: deep-fried morsels of frozen meat that could have expired in 2010 or seafood with dodgy mercury content.

Your sign: Libra
Your dish: Prawn paste chicken

Being fair is very important for you so you like any dish that doesn’t require any biased carving out of parts for everyone at the table. When you order, you like to ask how many pieces of chicken you’ll be getting and then you do a quick mental calculation of how many pieces each diner gets. If everyone gets an equal number of drumsticks and wings, you are happy.

Your sign: Scorpio
Your dish: Curry fish head or anything super spicy

You are passionate and aren’t shy about getting all drama or emo. When you eat, it’s all about strong-tasting food with no half-hearted in-betweens. You eat, you sweat, you burp, you like.

Your sign: Sagittarius
Your dish: Anything remotely hipster at a zi char stall. Like lobster beehoon soup. Or pan-fried wagyu beef cubes. Why, if anyone did sambal belachan kale, you would be there right away.

You have an open mind and enjoy anything creative, which includes thinking of 25 funny hashtags to go with your Instagram post of your sambal belachan kale. #hailthekale #kopitiamkale

Your sign: Capricorn
Your dish: Er, you don’t do zi char because it means sitting down with a group of people and waiting for dishes to arrive. You like to eat alone. Like in a ramen-booth-for-one.

You are independent and want to have control. Okay, you will eat zi char if the rest lets you do the ordering.

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