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Pasta-rific creations with plenty of +65 flavour. Photos: (clockwise from top left) Instagram/@themalayancouncil, @godmamasg, @pscafe

World Pasta Day: Pasta That Has The Singapore Touch

The best thing about pasta (like rice and noodles) is that you can mix it with almost anything. It's versatile like that. 

So while I was slurping delicious tom yum pasta recently (shoutout to my favourite go-to lunch spot, Pasta Times), it got me thinking: “Got unique Singaporean pasta ah?” After a bit of scouring, I realised... got wor!

Try these five fascinating and yummy local pasta creations that you can find only on our Singapore shores - and just in time to commemorate World Pasta Day (25 October) too!

And we promise, nothing usual or expected in this list: No salted egg, no chilli crab, and no laksa pasta. 

Buah Keluak Bolognese Pasta

Find it at: Godmama

Ah buah keluak, that spicy, tangy Nyonya stew that needs one freakin' week just for prep. This dish - which some praise for its home-cooked flavour - combines beef Bolognese linguine together with Godmama’s Nyonya buah keluak. There’s also a vegetarian version (cheaper also leh). True-blue peranakans, don't knock it till you've tried it - really! Worth a try.

Hae Bee Hiam Sauce in any pasta here

Find it at: Indulge

Yes, there's an option for you to add hae bee hiam as a sauce to any of the pasta dishes on the menu here. And we have to tell you, the sauce has a truly authentic hae bee hiam aroma and taste, never bluff! Plus, it’s extremely wallet-friendly, unless you want to celebrate a special occasion or feel atas and order marbled beef lah.

Photo: Eaglewings Loft

Beachside Belachan Pasta

Find it at: Eaglewings Loft

This nautical-themed café serves Asian-Western fusion dishes, but their Beachside Belachan Pasta - really shiok sia. Just thinking about this spicy number (not as hot as those Ghost Pepper instant noodles, though) is making me sweat. They make their own belachan from scratch too.

Suzy Spaghetti Crab ‘Mee Goreng’

Find it at: PS.Cafe

Instead of your typical yellow noodles, the Suzy Spaghetti Crab "Mee Goreng" is a wok-fried pasta version with fresh (and very real) crab meat, crab broth, juicy king prawns, and spicy tomato sauce. As a reference, the flavour profile leans more towards the famous Punggol Seafood Chinese-style version, and not the more piquant Indomie or Indian food stall variations.

Smoked Duck Lemak Chili Padi Pasta

Find it at: The Malayan Council

Want halal options? We got you fam! The Smoked Duck Lemak Chili Padi is a favourite at The Malayan Council. The smoked duck slices are the best kind, thick and fatty. Then there’s the creamy lemak goodness of coconut sauce with a zing of chilli padi .

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