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Enjoy the huat-tastic food creations from our favourite restaurant chains this Year of the Dragon. Photos: (clockwise from left) Instagram @/mcdsg,, @texaschickensg, @kfc_sg

CNY-Inspired Food Specials: A Huat-Filled Feast For This Year Of The Dragon

Wah, Chinese New Year is just around the corner! For fast-food connoisseurs like myself, there’s one thing I’ve been looking forward to besides catching up with family: all the limited time CNY menus from our favourite restaurant chains. Time to indulge in these huat offerings, and may your Year of the Dragon be filled with prosperity and gastronomic joy. Let the feast begin!


McDonald’s: Prosperity Burger, Pineapple Pie, and Pink Guava McFizz

Brace yourselves for the return of the iconic Prosperity Burger at the Golden Arches. Whether you're team beef or team chicken, the succulent patty dipped in the signature black pepper sauce and topped with savoury onion slices is a feast for your taste buds. Perfect to munch with Prosperity Twister Fries.

New this year, try the Pineapple Pie - warm, luscious pineapple filling in a crispy, flaky pastry shell, and the Pink Guava McFizz, a bubbly, tropical sip of pink guava and Sprite. You can also snag a free Hello Kitty Red Packet with every Prosperity Feast purchase, while stocks last.

For those looking to elevate their lohei game, indulge in the Prosperity Lohei Bundle: Prosperity Twister Fries (4 sets) + Ha! Chicken Drumlets (8 pcs) + Chicken McNuggets (20 pcs).


KFC: Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch

Colonel Sanders is spicing things up with what KFC is calling the first halal bak kwa – introducing the Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch. Picture your favourite hot and crispy KFC chicken, now coated in smoky bak kwa seasoning and topped with bak kwa bits. It also comes as a burger, a classic Zinger with a twist, also cooked with the same bak kwa seasoning powder and crunchy bak kwa bits.


Texas Chicken: Golden Cereal Chicken

Texas Chicken is adding a touch of crispy gold dust with their Golden Cereal Chicken. Every bite is guaranteed to be crunchy and full of flavour. Choose from Golden Cereal Chicken, Golden Cereal Popcorn Chicken, the Golden Cereal Burger, or a combo of all of them together for a truly golden Lunar New Year celebration. Plus, you can cop an exclusive Fortune Cookie Bag for just $6 with any Cereal Chicken Combo.


Popeyes: Chilli Crab Chicken

Yes, really - chili crab sauce and fried chicken together, like some alternate universe where your neighbourhood tze char cook has a collab with Popeyes. The limited-time Chilli Crab Chicken features Popeyes’ signature fried chicken drenched in their special chilli crab sauce, a perfect blend of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavours.


Shake Shack: Chipotle Cheddar Burger and Dragonfruit Pomegranate Lemonade

The slightly more atas US burger chain, Shake Shack, is kicking off the year with their Chipotle Cheddar Menu, available as a burger, hot dog, or atop their crinkle cut fries. Each bite of the burger is a blend of smoky and creamy notes, confirm will make your mouth water. Wash it all down with their Dragonfruit Pomegranate Lemonade - a refreshing beverage fit for this year of the dragon. Plus, spend a minimum of $25 and snag some Shake Shack red packets - because why shouldn't your food come with extra swag?

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