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These Can Make Your Pee Stink So Bad

1. Multivitamins

If you are popping vitamin B6, they can make your pee smell medicinal and look greenish-yellow. This is because the vitamin is water-soluble so some amount of it gets flushed out with your urine.  

2. And any food with vitamin B6

These include bananas, fortified cereals and potatoes. But seriously, you’ll have to consume loads of these for your pee to smell any different!

3. Vegetables

Besides the common culprit, asparagus, other vegetables such as onions, cabbage and Brussel sprouts can make you hold your breath too in the loo. The reason: when your body breaks down these foods, it releases a rancid gas.

4. Curry

If the recipe calls for the use of cumin and coriander, these strong-smelling ingredients can alter the smell of your urine.

5. Coffee and alcohol

Ever peed after drinking cups of long blacks or downing mugs of beer after a night out? You’ll realise that your pee looks really concentrated and smells off. This is because coffee and alcohol have a dehydrating effect on your body and cause your pee to smell stronger.

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