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YUM: Order These Kueh From Singapore Home Businesses

Love kueh, but can't figure out how to make it yourself (or for that matter, leave home to buy it?). 

Thanks to the pandemic, homemade goodies - including kueh - have been showing up on our feeds more than ever. Here are some you can order:

Bluepea is one of the veterans on this list, having been around pre-Circuit Breaker (in fact, they've been in business for two and a half years). Not only are their goodies homemade, but they use homegrown pandan and blue butterfly pea flowers. Available in various sizes or as a set with 10-piece ondeh ondeh.

Kueh salat from $28, sets from $36. Order here


Specialising in kueh salat and pulut inti, @whatkueh's offerings include some spicy variations for those who like their kueh with a kick. 

All $60. Order via DM

All Things Hainanese

What is 'yi bua', you ask? This old-school kueh has a mochi-like exterior and contains shredded ginger, coconut, sesame, and peanut. You can also order them in mochi form if you prefer small bites!

Prices start from $5 for a tasting box with two yi bua and five mochi. Visit their Instagram to order.

Take a look at that decadent spread. Belicious offers seven kinds of old-school Malay kueh, including bakar pandan, putri salat, and nona manis. Delivery and self-pickup at Punggol is available on the weekends. 

Find out more on Instagram and DM to order

Dee Dee Chiak

Hosting your five favourite friends for tea? Stress-eating while working from home? Order a box of assorted traditional goodies from Dee Dee Chiak. 

Order via DM

The Honeycomb Cake

Making bika ambon is a notoriously tedious, which is why most of us opt to buy it at franchises rather than make it ourselves. So hats off to the young couple behind The Honeycomb Cake, whose homemade bika ambon took off during the Circuit Breaker. Available in two flavours (original and orange), The Honeycomb Cake's offerings are light, chewy, and less sweet than storebought varieties. 

$35, visit Instagram to order

House of Kueh

If this homemade soon kueh looks especially professional to you, that's because the chef behind House of Kueh has been making it for 16 years. Available in original, spinach, and kimchi pork. 

Prices start at $12 for 6 pieces. Find out more and order here.

Bonus: Atlas Handcrafted

Okay, so the kueh is locally sourced from a traditional shop, but we couldn't help including Atlas Handcrafted's lovely kueh gifting platters. Order this for your next party or as a surprise for someone you love. 

Prices begin at $48. Order here

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