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Drinking water can help increase your metabolism by 30% and - no kidding - burn calories! See point 4 below. Photo: 123RF

5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight

1. It boosts energy

Having an afternoon slump and just want to use your workstation as a bed? That daytime fatigue could most likely be brought on by dehydration. In fact, research has also shown that when dehydrated, young men experience difficulty in mental tasks, particularly when it comes to vigilance and memory. They also become anxious and tense. With the energy boost that comes with drinking water, you’re also more likely to crush workouts.

2. It pinpoints your hunger levels

All those subtle signals that indicate hunger - the gurgle in your gut, light-headedness, low energy levels - often mean you’re thirsty instead. When you feel “hungry”, drink some water, and then you’ll know more accurately if you’re really ravenous or simply a little peckish. Try this: Half an hour before a meal, drink about 500ml of water - you could end up eating less, thus consuming fewer calories, and losing a couple of kilos as a result.

3. It lubricates your joints

Water not only acts as the key lubricant in your joints and a cushion for spinal discs, it also removes acid waste (such as uric acid) that accumulates there. Drinking sufficient water when you exercise makes you more physiologically efficient, and less prone to injury and soreness.

4. It helps you burn more calories

Did you know that drinking water can help to increase your metabolism by 30%? In fact, this boost occurs in the first 10 minutes of drinking 500ml of water, and achieves its maximum effect 30 to 40 minutes after drinking that amount. This is also thanks to a natural process in your body called diet-induced thermogenesis: Every time you eat or drink something (whether it has calories or not), your body metabolises what is consumed and converts it into energy.

5. It prevents you from drinking other things

The more water you drink, the less you’re likely to knock back sugary and caffeinated drinks, and alcohol - period.

On the flip side...

Everything in moderation. Here are 6 Signs You're Drinking Too Much Water.


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