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7 Hangover Cures That Might Help After Your Next Weekend Partying

A fan of the drinking, but not so much of some of those less-than-pleasant hangover conditions that present themselves the morning after? We hear you! More than the physical fatigue and the irritating physical symptoms, it’s getting your brain to bounce back from its sluggish and slow-mo functioning that will help more. While drinking hair of the dog can make you feel better temporarily (because it makes you forget you’re hungover), it actually leads to a cumulative effect so you’ll actually feel worse in the long run.

Instead, check out these easy hangover cures that can really make a difference to your weekend recovery:


1. Hydrate, rehydrate, repeat

Alcohol dehydrates your body of fluids, so the more water you drink (and urinate), the more toxins you replace and the better you will feel. You need more water than normal during a hangover, so best to down a tall glass of water before hitting the bed if you can remember to do it.

Drinking electrolyte-enriched drinks such as coconut water, or water with basic oral rehydration salts, and non-fizzy sports drinks are also great because they are packed with minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, all of which help regulate fluid levels in the body. Sports drinks elevate blood glucose and sodium levels, which help muscle cells uptake and use water, leading to quicker rehydration.

Tip: Don’t have a sports drink on you? Try drinking plain water and eating foods that are naturally packed with electrolytes, such as pretzels, a medium banana, or a handful of almonds.


2. Eat breakfast

You’re probably nauseous when you wake up, so food probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. But don’t skip breakfast, because skipping the first meal of the day when you’re hungover not only messes with your metabolism, but it also makes the slow-motion hungover effect last longer.

But breakfast doesn’t mean coffee today, as that will only make your system more dehydrated. Instead, reach for a banana smoothie, as bananas are rich in electrolytes, magnesium, and potassium, all those nutrients that are depleted during a session of heavy drinking.

Likewise, stay clear of greasy and highly processed foods while you’re recovering, as they can further overwhelm your system even more and contribute to an upset stomach. Go for fresh foods such as watermelon and cucumbers, that are nutritious and hydrating; and avocados, which are also great for hangovers due to their high level of potassium. In fact, smashed avocado on toast with eggs is usually the best breakfast you can have to cure that hangover.


3. Boost your blood sugar with carbs

Who says carbs aren’t good for you? Alcohol can interfere with blood sugar levels and glucose metabolism, hence the hungover fatigue and feeling of complete weakness.  Even in a hungover state, healthy snacks that are high in carbs and slow-releasing sugar can help elevate blood sugar and provide some immediate energy to combat physical fatigue. Now you know why toast and honey are a popular hangover food combination.


4. Eat some ginger

Ginger is an excellent, natural hangover cure because its natural properties serve as an effective counter to all hangover-associated symptoms, especially nausea and indigestion. Either nibble on a piece of candied ginger or just sip on ginger tea.


5. Take your vitamins

Another path to fast-track recovery is to restore the gut bacteria, so supplementing your diet with vitamins is a good idea (the physical impact of binge drinking is lower for those who manage their gut well on a regular basis, as a healthy gut lowers the power of alcohol to mess with the internal system).

Vitamin B is crucial for gut flora, while Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and has liver protective effects. Tip: Simply dissolve an effervescent Vitamin C 1000mg pill in water to make a tangy, fizzy drink, and notice how quickly you start feeling better.


6. Sweat away the hangover

No seriously! Exercise is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re hungover, but it really does work! Exercising means more oxygen and those happy mood-boosting endorphins, to help you start feeling better. At the very least, go for low-to-moderate intensity exercises to counteract the cognitive ability, motor control, and coordination that a hangover negatively impacts.

Even just moving by going for a walk will help. But if you can manage it, go for a cardio workout for an increased circulation of blood and oxygen to where your body needs it most - your brain. Note: Since your body is already dehydrated from all the excess alcohol, remember to drink more water than usual before, during, and after exercising.


7. Sleep as long as possible

By giving our bodies the time they need to recover and regroup, we can sleep through the period of discomfort and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. If you sleep long enough (after drinking that big glass of water and having some breakfast, of course), your hangover may already be gone when you awaken.

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