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Despite Pandemic, Virtual Charity Swim Meet Raises $166k, Attracts Over 4,300

Who says you can't stay fit during a pandemic and do some good for charity to boot. We've seen everything from virtual fitness classes to virtual runs but how about a virtual swim?

Introduced in 2011 by SAFRA Tampines, Swim For Hope provides an opportunity for Operationally Ready National Serviceman and their families to contribute to charitable causes, while promoting fitness and bonding through swimming.

This year, the event went virtual, with people of all ages taking on the month-long swim marathon challenge to raise funds to help the needy. 

Held from 17 Oct to 15 Nov, the Liberty SAFRA Swim For Hope 2020 event attracted over 4,300 participants. 

The charities that benefit from this virtual swim marathon include the Autism Resource Centre (which helps individuals on the autism spectrum) as well as the SAF Care Fund (which provides additional support to SAF servicemen who are severely disabled due to military service).

Proceeds from the event also assist in the training needs of developmental athletes whose parents are struggling financially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Just a sample of the hard work that goes into completing this enormous challenge:

A total of 3,300 men and women from the Republic of Singapore Navy clocked a total of 76,641 laps comprising more than 80 sessions at different locations across the island - a mind-blowing distance of 3,832,050 metres  That is insane!

This year's Liberty- Safra Swim for Hope 2020 had three categories: Family, Kids and Individual. Everyone got in on the act from retirees to #fitspofamilies, from servicemen to university students.

The participants of the virtual marathon definitely made a splash, not only attracting a record turnout but, more importantly, raising an impressive $166,600 for charity.

Great job to everyone who contributed to the effort!


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