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Desk Jockeys Beware: The Hidden Dangers of Sitting Too Long

1. You get haemorrhoids

We all know that spending too much time on the potty can cause them. But prolonged sitting in an everyday situation, like in a desk-bound job, is just as bad for your bottom. Why? When you are seated for hours, there is constant pressure on the rectum, a reason why piles can form. Either switch to a sit-stand desk arrangement or take breaks every 15 minutes from, well, sitting.

2. Varicose veins get worse

Prolonged sitting (or standing), especially if you cross your legs, can make these unsightly veins more prominent as blood pools in them and they are stretched from the increased pressure. To keep blood circulating, flex your legs occasionally or elevate them.

3. You can get a herniated disk

Your spine and lower back are not made to support our upper body weight for long periods of time. When you sit, your weight rests entirely on the bones in the lower back instead of being distributed evenly along the arch of the spine. Prolonged sitting makes it easier for you to suffer a herniated lumbar disk, more commonly known as a slipped disc.

4. Your body receives less oxygen

When you stand upright, your lungs have the most leeway to expand and take in oxygen. When you sit, you tend to slouch, a pose that “compresses” the lungs and reduces its oxygen intake. What happens as a result: you find it harder to concentrate on your work.

5. You are more likely to hurt yourself

Your leg muscles can become soft and weak over time, and make you more vulnerable to falls.

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